I pulled out of Para training today?

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  1. Basically I got to the depot, spoke to my girlfriend, thought it best to come back and had a chat with the sgt, he kindly told me to f*ck off and that I didn't need to DAOR because I was only there a day... he said he'd tell my afco I jsut didn't turn up, so when I go in after the jubilee bank holiday is over on wednesday and apply for the TA... then what? I should have started training on 03/06/12 and I left today... so basically when I go to my afco do I just explain the situation? and yes please let the comments about being a coward or something come in, I really don't care, I've got my girlfriend and my family but I want to serve my country too... just not in the regular army.... thanks!
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    This isn't the NAAFI, so I'll be polite as I possibly can. Rearrange the following words:

    Pan , go, chip, die, in, fire, a
  3. How long were you away? A day? Mate I wouldn't be surprised if your girlfriend had been at it with one of the mates you left behind. Try and be understanding; it's lonely back home.
  4. Get a job in McDonalds, thats the only way a **** like you should be serving your country.
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  5. I am not going to say anything other than...

    Why do you think the TA will want you, when you have just acted so?
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  6. A lcpl after one day? Flyer.
  7. Ugh, can't your brainwashed little skulls who've been put into a little army world of sniping and bitching and generally not being socially atleast one time give a straight answer?!
  8. You have just opened a world of abuse. Nobody likes a quitter!
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  9. You gave yourself the username L/Cpl J Kelly, but couldn't hack 1 day of phase 1 basic???? AND you troll a forum calling other people crap hats??? Sad fool. As ex Guards I'd call you a chippy git, however you're not even worth that, I shall save that for the RLC and the RE, because at least they got through their training.

    Maybe you should got o a science forum and call yourself Neil Armstrong.
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  10. no
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  11. A straight answer.
    You've had a lot of money spent on getting you just to the Depot and you're intending to rock up and ask to start again?
    I think the AFCO man will be as concise as your Training Platoon Sgt was.
    You waste of rations.
  12. Yes **** off cnut

  13. i ******* hope so
  14. You have got to be a wah.

    I hope so, for all our sakes.
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