I prefer Prezza to Hezza Bliar bombs at PMQs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbarasson, May 10, 2006.

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  1. I invoke Leo Amery to Neville Chamberlain

    'i invoke Oliver Cromwell, you have sat here too long for all the good you have been doing. Depart I say, in the name of God go'.
  2. He may have a point. I'm an arch Conservative and I prefer Prezza to Hezza. Hezza is the two-faced dupicitous twat who stuck the knife into the Iron Lady.
  3. And the Iron Lady stuck the knife into Britsh Industry!
  4. Well, yes she did - but she was honest and had backbone, unlike the current incumbent. Funny how most people are ignorant about the state of the UK under the Wilson government of the 1970s. Interest rates were at 25-30% (very serious compared to the 12-15% in John Major's darkest year), dead bodies were stacking up in the street because all the workers were on strike. However much Margaret Thatcher may have 'rationalised' industry she did a good job of getting the UK back from the brink of economic disaster.

    EDITTED: Because I got Harold Wilson and Harold MacMillan muddled up. How embarassing!
  5. And sorted out spiralling inflation and created the background that has given us the financial strength that we have today, despite Neu Arbeit's best attempts to destroy it.

    Accuse her of shafting the working class, accuse her of shafting the miners. Hell, you can even accuse her of shafting the military until they pulled her arrse out of a jam with the Falklands. She was still the best PM this country has had in recent memory.
  6. Mrs Thatcher .... Honest? I suggest you think bout who benefited from the privatisations of utilities etc???? No wonder Bliar admires the woman. She wrapped herself in our flag whilst selling us down the river. Labour / Tories... all the same.
  7. Well said CarpeDiem - I don't think there is any doubt whatsoever (among the more astute members of this discussion) that Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were the most influential and revolutionary PMs of the 20th century.
  8. But to return to the original thread........ Prezza more than Hezza? Oh come on, no matter what a weasel Hezza is, you can at least have a coherent arguement with him as he speaks English.
  9. I presume you mean Harold Wilson in the '70's. Harold MacMillan was Prime Minister from 1956 to 1962'ish.
  10. As for the military, anyone remember John Nott and his disgraceful cutting of the navy? It was her administrations incompetence that led directly to the Argentine invasion. Notwithstanding the usual assortment of cuts in allowances, manpower, equipments etc, closure of Warship Yards, the destruction of the car and steel industries, closure of profitable mines to prove a political point. It's a pity the police don't treat terrorists how they treat the miners who were fighting for their jobs and communities. Then lets talk about the Tories taking us into the EU and signing Mastricht etc... Very patriotic of them indeed the money grabbing b*stards!
  11. The politics of envy old chap????
    [editied for vino induced misspelling]

  12. Some, not many, mines were profitable...British Coal was not profitable, Nor was British Steel, British Leyland, or British Rail. The NHS was shite and remains shite cos noone will admit that it can not do everything...

    And Thatcher did get the rebate that Bliar promised never to deal away.

    The main difference between Thatcher and Bliar is one lies all the time, the other told you the truth, not your fault if you didn't believe them....

    Britian in 1979 was a shit hole, where most of the working population were paid for by the Government thro heavy taxes. Productivty was feeble and nobody bought British Leyland cars. The big nationalised industries were overmanned and out of control

    In 2006 1 in 4 of the working population is paid for by the Government thro heavy taxes and nothing is made anymore...just pen pushers and f**kwits....The NHS now gets nearly £90 billion pounds a year and is still shite.
  13. "Then lets talk about the Tories taking us into the EU and signing Mastricht etc... Very patriotic of them indeed the money grabbing b*stards"

    By getting large rebates, vetoes... as opposed to this Liabour lot who openly want to have the Constitution without any recourse to the public!

    Short and selective memory w_p, did Prezza bounce your head off the headboard one too often?
  14. Envy? Well call me old fashioned but I consider doing the best for your country a moaral obligation without the need for dirty money in tax havens. Are our politicians not rewarded enough without them having to cheat and steal? How much money is enough for them?
    Politicians should be paid the average military wage and their pay rises and allowances should be in line with the forces. Are we not all supposed to be serving our people in one way or another.
    I don't envy those that persue wealth for it's own sake... I kind of pity them.