I predict a riot - Poll tax

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Anybody just see that show on Bravo. Some interesting footage to be seen and one rather interesting theme. Thatcher doing one 8 months afterwards.

    Is it really outrageous to think something similar could happen again... and soon?

    Heres hoping not however people are getting pretty p1ssed off.
  2. The pole tax was insane - what is most amazing is that it ever happened at all. I can't recall anything crazier before or since. We'll never see anything like that again, or the response to.
  3. Wonder if the anti war march had kicked off would blair had still gone for it ?
  4. Thats a very bold statement.

    The public are getting peeved. If its getting so bad the plod can turn 20,000 protesters out onto the streets of the capital for one cause what can the entire British public muster. Add to this the many 000,000's of jobless chavs who would love to go along for the ride. All this with more chance of going to jail if you ride a motorbike at 130mph.

    Quite realistic I'd say. I'm just not sure what the cause would be other than "Labour, feck off"
  5. Absolutely insane; all of those dancers thrown out of work... when all we wanted was for them to carry on dancing. :D :D :D

  6. I'd say it wouldnt happen.

    The poll tax pretty much affected everybody so there was a vested interest for the people to kick off. Plus they didnt have anything better to do due to a bit of unemployment knocking around.

    Nowadays, joe public has been lured to total disinterest with regard to everything that doesnt involve celebs, bling and any other superficial tat.

    The British citizen has complete apathy for their own surroundings and what may effect their future.

    We thought the 80s was a 'me, me, me' decade but this one is a 'I dont really care as long as I can watch Sky plus'.

    Stop the lottery or put the price of scratch cards up and you will have a riot.

    Or more realistically, bin benefits and you will have every work shy doley Kylite marching on Downing street (well, those that arent on disability benefits for 'stress' or having a gammy leg).
  7. Good shout all round.

    The problem being that the current desperate times are going to cause desperate measures. One of the few things the people of this country have in common is a dislike for the current government and taxes.

    I dare say even taking the benefits off the dole scum wouldn't get them off their arm chairs and all the way down to London.
  8. If the people dislike this government so much, why did they vote them back in?

    I'll rephrase that. Why didnt they bother their arses to actually get off their armchairs to vote them out?

    Think about it.

    House prices are crashing quicker than a drugged up chav in a Subaru, tax on taxes, petrol prices through the roof, total distain from the govn re Europe plus many more issues, control of the population that would make Stalin proud, huge immigration control problems, fighting two pretty pointless wars, not to mention the large scale raping of the Armed Forces.

    Is it worse than it was 16 years or so ago?

    I'd say yes it is and its not going to get any better.

    What is the public doing about it?

    Bugger all. So long as they can watch Big Brother, they are happy. How very apt.
  9. The most depressing Post I've read in a while. Mainly because I can't disagree with a single word of it. :evil:
  10. "Is it worse than it was 16 years or so ago?

    I'd say yes it is and its not going to get any better."

    I'll have that. For the time being.

    Lets see what happens between now and 2010. Surely these cnuts will do something to tip people over the edge before leaving the remains of a perfect scorched earth policy.

    If I'm getting hacked off with the cost of everything and finding less and less money in my arrse pocket to play out with, then there has to be worse off than me.

    However as you've rightly pointed out. The public as a whole have just sat back and accepted the brutal arrse rape inflicted on them (US).
  11. So you missed the 1981-1993 Depression then?
  12. and in which country were you living during that period?

  13. No one missed the 1981 - 1984 depression. We all suffered from the consequences of it.

    Those who orchestrated it are no where now.
  14. Most certainly not.

    At least the population had the balls to get up and do something about it. Strikes, mass rallies, riots and general mishief making to let the government of the day know they were pished off. (Of course, we know the Tories inherited a load of shite from the previous incumbants. ;) )

    What do we do today?

    Submit a pointless petition on line.

    'We the undersigned are a bit miffed at how you are ruining our country. Please stop'.......press send.

    Mmm. Doesnt seem to have the same ring as 40,000 disgruntled mineworkers, steel workers and new romantics chucking skips, telegraph poles and coppers through shop windows does it?

    At least when the Tories pish the population off, they do it properly.
  15. Short of Zanu-Labour banning football, beer and Big Brother, I can't see anything getting the Great British Public of it's collective ARRSE and raping, pillaging and burning large parts of London. :roll:

    Although I would love to be proven wrong! :twisted: