I predict a riot - Manchester city centre EDL VS Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. They're not muslims they're 'anti-fascists'. They are little angels and will do no wrong.
  2. I predict this thread will not end well.
  3. Can't see whats wrong in protesting against muslim extremists, why do the UAF find that so wrong do they support muslims murdering people with bombs ?
  4. Could be worse, Rangers could be playing in Manchester again :D
  5. Because of the high muslim population around Manchester any type of St George cross immediately gets you labeled a Nazi. The Mini dealership on Chester road had a car vandalised due to the fact it had a George cross on the roof. Some cunt sprayed Nazi all over it whilst on the forecourt.
  6. muslims proving again that they are extremists.

  7. cause the EDL are a bunch of football hooligans and BNP types looking for a fight.
    about as welcome as a Sein fein march down the shankhill :x

    any muslim extremists have to be dealt with by the muslim community a load of white people shouting about muslim extremists is seen by the UAF and most muslims as a load of fat shouty blokes wanting a ruck with muslims extermist or not :roll:
  8. Mansfield playing at Altrincham in the Conference today and there's a couple of laddo's protesting from what I gather.

    Sounds like an excuse for a ruck.

  9. What is the 'muslim community' of which you speak?
  10. Have you noticed that most off the "blokes" protesting against the EDL look like they have just come down from the Canal Street area.
  11. They run the country via their leader Achmed Brown.
  12. :eye:
  13. Bradistan ??