I pity those civies beacuse......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woozieuk1, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. What about the Army do you think is much better than life as a civillian?

    is it the friendships? The lifestyle or maybe the challange?

    I have family members who have served and there stories and experiences are a constant inspiration to me.

    Its difficult to fully understand what changes to expect and I would like to know what changes about yourself you have noticed going from a civvy to a soldier?

    Any insight would be great.

  2. Your plums grow over night, you become instantly nails and you are immediatley more attractive to women.
  3. You can have a tug in the shower and as long as you have a block b1tch or its not your block job, someone else has to mop it up.
  4. You develop a taste for food you never even thought was edible!

    If you have a missus, she will go from being supportive, to hating the army over night!
  5. Which army are you on about...The afghan one???
  6. You can't even watch top gear anymore without cringing at someones "Slack Drills".
  7. You get to hear such character building phrases as ....

    "Your in your own time now" and of course "the ball's in your court"

  8. ...they will never know the deep sense of satisfaction to be had from having razor sharp creases down the front of their jeans.
  9. you,ll lose all your civvie mates due to you insisting on playing pass the ashtray everytime your 2 sheets to the wind.