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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Ciggie, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Apparently i-phones contain 'hidden' software to accurately track the user. The media are concentrating on the implications for joe public, but isn't it a bit worrying on the basis of persec ? Not least because the technology, very simple at that, to view the tracker has been made very public. A complete tool on CNN, claiming that there's no problem about this said ' Hey, it's no different to credit card receipts, which show where you were'. Er, credit card bills don't show where you are now, at this instant.
  2. You can disable it.
  3. So.....where am I? C'mon.......do your worst.

    Can't be that good can it?!

    I assume it's the software bit that attaches locations automatically to the photos you take? If so, I've turned it off already.
  4. Not having an i-phone meself, I haven't been bothered to seek out the access program...I would imagine someone would need your number in the first place to draw a thread on you, but considering that alot of people are fairly lax at times about who gets their number, or, less lax, consider who the recipient might inadvertently pass it on to, that isn't a reason to be relaxed. It would seem this 'app' isn't something you can just switch off, either.
  5. Its a great feature for multiple applications and of course if your iPhone or iPod get nicked you can track it and either pop round for a chat to recover it or tell it to disable itself once it connects via wifi or 3G etc.

    As for persec, don't download some dodgy app which will keep sending out your location!
  6. It's on the phone already.
  7. Aye I know but its what application that uses it and how that could cause the problem.
  8. Apparently 'hidden' software??
  9. According to the BBC WS report it is apparently benign, merely recording longitude and latitude at recorded timed intervals.
  10. and it's not very accurate either - unless I've managed to use my phone in some places I've never even been....
  11. Depends on the phone. The same concept is also used outside the Apple realm. If GPS enabled, rather than just working off signals from mobile phone masts, you can be spotted to within 10m.
  12. Google latitude being the other biggy I would imagine. Supremely useful in retracing drunken wanderings as I found looking at my progress around Paris two weeks ago. Never again can someone answer 'I don't know' when questioned with 'Where did you end up last night?'.

    As for the whole Apple spying outrage it does seem like it's been blown out of proportion a wee bit. The fears being banded around are some what ridiculous to say the least.
  13. If some spotty oik in an office wants to know where I am, why? WTF is so interesting about where folks are? Always was aware that modern mobiles can locate us within a few metres and google maps on my phone is pretty accurate. I stopped pretending my life was private during the spotty oik revolution , I'm tracked from breakfast til asshole time, phone, bank cards, cameras, high street purchases. all and sundry have access to my stuff and life. Fcuk em.
  14. Yes, who cares ? Maybe some extremist, of whatever stripe, who fancies tapping anybody connected with anything that doesn't agree with their beliefs decides to target you ? A headline for a day isn't my idea of ending life. Slippers are so much more comfy.
  15. The phone companies can get a general location, usually to within a couple of hundred yards, of any phone logged onto their network or in fact just about any network in the world. If you report a missing person the first thing the police do is ask if the person has a mobile phone.

    I have an iphone and it is very good, the google mapping on it is spot on and I use it for finding my way around HCMC, BKK and VTN, so of course the phone has to know where it is. If I didn't want anyone to know where I was going I would switch it off and lock it in the safe in my room.

    If you are really worried about your whereabouts being tracked, better stop using credit cards too. The banks and the IR can and do track people by their credit card usage.