I phone 4


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Oh god yes, some daft cnut I know left it on in Jamaica and ended up with a £370 bill, how pissed off was I, oops sorry I meant he


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I phone 4 pizza when I'm being a lazy cnut.


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If you use 4.3 in UK then you will be paying again each month for tethering. If you jailbreak 4.2.1 and run mywi, aside from a one off £15 it's free thereafter.
Can I use this phone to call people?

No, it's an iPhone 4, it can play games, vid, and apps, but not hot at making calls, unless your looking for a phone, that drops a call when it feels like it, suddenly switches on mute, or run out of battery which you can't change.

Other than that great phone.


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also, with the ipad 2 tomorrow, people might consider that if you already have an iphone 4 you can go for the 64gig wifi only, saving a good £100+ and use mywi (or pay for tethering) to connect to data on the move. With mywi ondemand its all automatic if in range of the iphone, and it rebro's the iphones GPS as well - the ipad non 3g doesnt have a gps chip in it.

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