I passed selection...

on July 23rd! (When I made a thread the mod removed it fom the topics list! :cry: )
Anyway... so i passed selection at Pirbright and did it quite comfortably im happy to say, so if anyone wants any questions answered or advice feel free to ask.

Oh and my start date is 27th October at Pirbright; I'm joing the Royal Engineers.

(edit: it wasn't 15th Aug it was 23rd July! I can't believe i forgot 8O Well the AICO kept changing the date may be the reason! :lol: )
Well good luck for the 27th. Not quite sure that you are up for giving advice just yet though, even if you have passed the selection phase. Perhaps leave it to the more experienced recruiters on the forum?
Well done mate!
Hi ! Gentlemen passed selection (ADSC) today at pirbright trying for selection into AGC as military clerk , run time 10:56 (too...bad for a fitness freak maybe down to the fact that i cudn't sleep well last night in the ADSC accomodation ) heaves 9 (they don't matter much but the more the better) ... need to see my recruting seargent to get the date but before joining i hav to get security clearence done ... any questions welcome and good luck to those going for ADSC.
Suedehead said:
What did people get failed for?
Well i saw a few get failed for the medical.

1 guy dropped the jerry cans (he was like twice my size aswell!)

And i can remember two guys failing/deferred after the interview, i can't remember the reasons.
kp_uk_08 said:
what was your run time and heaves and all the other tests you have for secection
The officer didn't really go through it all with me to be honest (me being one of the last ones may explain it) but my run time was 9:53 if i remember correctly (my worst run time to date that was 8O ) and I did 11 heaves.
I managed to get a glimpse of the report though and saw A's (they grade you for every aspect of selection) so i assume thats good... :)
Good luck.

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