I only have one log-in to ARRSE.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. I've started this thread for all those that only have a single log in to this site. I mean - no names, no pack drill here - but why people feel the need to have multiple identities and go around baiting in secret? or letting other freaks in on their 'other side'?
    So - if you're not some split personality, double the time in front of the computer social misfit, admit to it here! Trolls? I fcuking hate trolls. :roll:
    BTW - I am Spartacus - outside - now!
  2. I admit it!!

    There can be only one!! twicer 8)
  3. Just one, hard enough to think of something approaching intelligent with just one ID let alone multiple.
  4. My name has been called and I take one pace to my front.
  5. Just the one, for me. A multiple user is the same as a terrorist, they beleive they are right yet hide behind masks for fear of rejection.

    Have courage with your convictions.
  6. Good reasoning there.... but far too intelectual for me. I go with antphilip's excuse!!
  7. Not bad for 0830. With a hangover :twisted:
  8. I have that excuse as well if I can........ Or perhaps it's because I am up to my eyeballs in work and have mushed my brain beyond recognition to think up any other plausable excuse
  9. There can be just one man with a stoat through his head, and he proudly stands by his login name! He would never hide behind another, lesser name!
  10. Yet every single one of your log on's manages to piss most of ARRSE and the Mods off!!!!!!!!!!!
    Isn't there some VX you need to go and play with :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Oh, alright, I confess. Whiskybreath and I are more than just close friends. He inhabits a laptop and I live in this desktop thing in the office. It all happened when a cookie or something stopped me from logging on with the same name and I can't be bothered to b*gger about with the innards of either system again.
  12. I'm a single login man!! :)
  13. Ive only had one login account, ive changed my name a couple of times
    Theatreman had to go because someone had the original idea of calling himself 'NewTheatreman'
    TURP had to go as there was a witch-hunt on Telic 3 for a post on here and TURP was being blamed even though I wasnt there at the time!!
    But only one account.
  14. Maybe if I did open another username then my other one might be funny/incisive/interesting?

    Perhaps I'll be a girl next time - they have loads of fun.
  15. Just the one for me...
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