I only have C in SINGLE Science.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fats, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. I'm 25 years old and would like to join as an Avionics/Electrician tech. I have over 5 GCSE passes but had to retake my science in College and only got a single C pass. (I bunked off the chemistry exam in school so my double science was DD). I do however have a Degree in History and Politics at 2:1 and A's and B's in my A-Levels. I think that shows I am intellectually capable. How strict are they with the GCSE requirements as on the website it says dual science including physics.
  2. Stands by
  3. You will get the square root of zero decent advice here. My recommendation? Delete the post and wend your weary way to the nearest ACIO and get some facts, not abuse.
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  4. I am processing my application on Thursday so I will have a good chat then. I was just asking because I am still yet to fill in my first 3 job choices, and was unsure if I might have to reconsider some of my options.
  5. You should find that the degree absolves the earlier requirements.
  6. No it doesn't.

    GCSE requirements are just that.

    Skip along to an ACIO for further verification.
  7. I got 66 for the BARB and the recrtruiter said all the jobs are open for me. Single Science is not a a problem. Just thought this might help anyone for future reference.
  8. Spot on answer as always Miss BootiHaving a Degree in pig faming , history, art etc doesnt then mean you will get any job if you hadn't got the required GCSE C grades English, maths and Science...some times if you have missed out slightly on one of the main GCSE's but have A level or a degree from University it may be taken into account from the specific SPSO for that job but shadings are beoming less and less with the ammount of people waiting allocation for trade related jobs. So as per usual Booti is always right as Mr booti has been informed on many occassions.Love your new Avi Booti...is that you all dolled up for the Xmas mess do???
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  9. You'd have more chance if you were female and DD was your cup size:thumright:
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  14. Have a look on the army site and see which roles need double award science. If there's one there you like then go for it.
  15. I'm thinking of retaking my Maths and Double Science, and have started making tenetive enquiries. I want to make the best possible impression as it seems I am up against stiff competition for extremely limited placese, competition that will bring A's in Maths and Science to the game.

    Any advice?

    ps. damnit if I wasn't such a pot smoking waster in school.