I only gagged 2 or 3 times..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cormank, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. I only gagged 2 or 3 times but then i was only listening to it in the background while working.

    BBW women and the men who love(feed) them.

    MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching it

    I'm nearly the opposite of these guys.
  2. Your obviously just looking to see whether we accept your hideous fat pig of a spouse.
  3. All I get from that link, is a site called Megavideo, and an advert from William Hill, asking me to play poker.
  4. Just keep on clicking the Play button, you should eventually get to the Discovery Channel Documentary called Fat girls and Feeders. I've gagged already, and it's just started.
  5. think back to the scene in the film se7en where the first vic was force fed spaghetti till he plopped

  6. You`re lucky, I saw what`s in there. Don`t know if I will be able to face my dinner later. Just don`t go there, BB.
  7. Sorry, my bad. I assumed the tedium that is megavideo was common knowledge. Just close adds and keep clicking the "play button" and eventually it will start. Also, megavideo only permit people without accounts to watch about 50 minutes of video per 120 so if people a getting an error like that, its because you have either been watching something else streamed from their site or you share your IP with others. Not the greatest way of sharing, granted :)
  8. Is it BigBird?
  9. Does it look like that sack of hippo blubber could get into a fucking plane, let alone bail out of one for charity?
  10. Jesus H Christ Cormank, that is revolting. Ugh!
  11. Stand Fast, you're a Brummie. Anyway, be fucking honest, you know that you'd love to nestle in her folds amongst all the body cheese Mmmmm!!!.
  12. No that is just wrong wrong wrong... Put me right of my pie and chips.
  13. If you're into this sort of thing,look out for a film called "Feeder"
  14. Fill my pockets full of mars bars and smarties ant take me to that party.