I only did it to feel good about myself......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Little Jack H, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. So, have surgery to "enhance" the bits men notice, then get upset when they notice. Maybe should have tried a brain implant first :twisted:
  2. Any chance of a photo?
  3. And a box of kleenexe??
  4. I'm crap at all this A,B, C business. How many handfulls is an E? :D
  5. More than you've got hands.
  6. http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/body_stuff/breasts_bras_p2.html

    An 'E' cup would be approx 5" bigger than chest size 8O
  7. What then, is the minimum cup requirement for a soapy t*t w**k?
  8. No theoretical analysis been done that I know of, but practical experience suggests between B and C (depending on base measurement)
  9. As per all good scientific experiments, verifiable data is required.

    May I suggest a Poll?
  10. I, personally, find that a C cup and above are excellent for a soapy tit wank. Anything below and it really is a waste of time for both of you :wink:

    However, what is needed is a variety of females ranging from A up to and including, say, a G. Then off we go. One at a time and vote on the best tit wank! :twisted:
  11. I have aid this before but the reverse Tit W£$K is quality. Do it whilst Facing her feet, on the reverse stroke you can have the bag nuzzled and play with the fluffy/bald/brazilian end at the same time. But size does matter def C or above. Deeeeeeeep joy.
  12. Dui-lai makes note about doing it reverse style next time
  13. Of course you may. We aim to please 8)