I new envelope with 2 FREE Community Shield tickets Auction

Right you lot....as a Gunner with a wayward Chelsea supporting eldest son, I'm now biting my fist. I have just been allocated 2 tickets for the FA Community Shield between ARSENAL and chelski thingy on Sunday 7th August 2005 (3pm kick off) by my esteemed employers and match partners (You know who...and yes, they ARE lovin' it)

I didn't even have to pay for these....and knowing that I'd be sunning it up with ctauch and Corporal at the first ARRSE Florida Gathering (TM) I still decided to put my email submission in. Low and behold.....I only bloody got some :)

Now....who wants them?

Catch - of course I'm not giving them away. I am actually auctioning a nice, brand new envelope which might just happen to contain 2 FREE tickets for the match! ;) I want some reasonable offers for it. I will only entertain bids by ARRSE members who don't go under any guise such as Candida (yes...Irritating isn't she) however, I would also point out that the tickets are sold out, and the actual price of tickets goes to £40 each...and these are FREE. As I only have the one envelope, I would need to put the FREE tickets in together.
Serious offers please. And whoever the lucky begger is who bids the highest price will determine the charity (forces one preferably, but I'm easy) that the proceeds go to.

This will be a "Secret" auction and I will declare the winner and price bid openly on this forum on Tuesday (closing date Tuesday 2nd August 2005 at 17:00 hrs BST)

Your prize envelope will be posted by registered mail in order that you may receive it, and the FREE tickets contained withing, in time to travel to Cardiff (although, goodness knows why anyone would want to).

Obviously, if anyone asks you who sold you the tickets, you can tell them that a friend gave them to you FOR FREE! ;)

PM me with your bids.

Ladies and gentlemen....start your bids

I can see that I might have to keep this on the front page to compete with PTP's twister....
This might be the worst thing I have ever done to try and raise a bit of dosh for the needy old and bold...feel free to help me at any point.
Would love to bid but can't stand either team, but good luck with the auction, and who ever wins will be lovin it.

Why thank you Sparky...and i'll forgive you.
Good response so far...keep it up!! Remember...you get to choose the charity if you win the auction!

Just giving you early-birds a chance to see this and bid if you wish! ;)
Gosh...2 tickets ...er....biro pens (with 2 free tickets attached) on ebay currently going for £95! I wasn't expecting anything LIKE that! ;)

Although....if it's for a good cause and all.
Right you lot! With such ridiculARRSEly low bids...you will not get too much of a write up when I say....."Well thank you to ARRSE_User" for your excellent donation of bugger all to the Army Benevolent Fund".....Well I'm sure they can use every penny and all, but this is taking the urine!

Come on...I'm gonna leave it for two more days, then give them to the next (ebay) tramp I see.

Ah well.....

Given the massive response to my generous offer to raise some cash for a worthy charity by giving you lot the opportunity to own a brand new envelope which happens to have two top-priced tickets for the Community Shield final on Sunday, I find it rather difficult to continue this any longer.

I am therefore going to give the tickets away for nothing. I might even find someone who wants them.....

Else there will be two empty seats :(
Nice thought MD, but in the end your last statement is the driver ...... I and most others wouldn't go even if free/available.

Suspect those who might want to go may worry on the refused admission scenario. It's a shame as I & a colleague suffered same at opening of Euro 96 (Eng vs Swiss), various coach drivers were interested at cost or slightly less but wouldn't take the risk.

pm with sugggestion .....
To be honest Whiffler, I was given these tickets on the basis that the company knew that I couldn't use them myself, but would give them to someone who could use them. As long as I didn't profit from them it was OK. They are named in my companys name so anyone can use them.

Thanks for the suggestion on PM though....let me know the answer and I'll follow it up.

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