I never knew there were fat activists...

Quote from the mail

The panel included size acceptance campaigner Kathryn Szrodecki

Size acceptance? Fat ****** with excuses more like it.
I thought this was going to be a thread about radical feminists.
Surely being active runs against the very tenet of being a chubster?
As odious as she is, she's bang on here. I would love to know what the Police told the hippo ringing to whinge.


Katie then tells her: 'Do call the police, there’s a telephone right there, feel free.

'Would you like it brought to you? Because it’s probably going to be hard to walk there.'

I think I'm starting to warm to her.


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I can (almost) understand 'hate' crime against blacks, Jews, gypsies and other groups that can't change their status, but a chubby can change that, in most cases, so if Ms Fat Activist became more active she might not be the subject of these crimes.

As a punishment for wasting police time she should be given an ARRSE account and made to explain why she is fat, on these hallowed forums.

Ms Hopkins has gone up, ever so slightly, in my estimation.
Fat acceptance? Hmm. I know which one I would rather do out of Hopkins and the fat one.

It isn't the fat one
The moment I saw that vile harridens name I closed the window. I wish people would stop discussing that talentless downs syndrome afflicted skip licker, deprive it of oxygen and it will go away.


I'm going to have chocolate for breakfast, as a sort of protest.

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