I need to Put on weight fast.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Shadowfar, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Okay well i have been told by the GP at ADSC that i need to put on weight in 3 months.SO can i make my own protein drinks, i have done abit of research and it got 2 eggs,milk and vanilla escence every other morning,and a vigorous work out.

    Any help would be nice.
  2. If you want to put on weight its exactly the same as loosing it, ie. all about calorie balance. You need to be eating more than you expend. If you are doing a vigorous workout you will need to be eating ALOT.

    Obvously most of the weight you want to put on is going to be muscle but if you need to get up to a healthy BMI dont worry too much about putting on fat.

    What is your height, weight and body fat % if you know it?

    One thing I will say now is that you should severely restrict the amount of sugars and refined carbohydrates as well as saturated fats you are eating. Sugars will make your blood sugar spike and mess up your metabolism. Defaintely not good. Saturated fats are obviously not good for you. Non saturated fats are fine.. more on this later.

    This means no soft drinks, limited fruit juices, NO white bread or pasta (brown bread and pasta is good). Oats are also excellent. Stock up on Alpen.

    Remember not to cut your carbohydrates when loading up on protein because if your body doesnt have any carbs it will burn that protein instead.. so you will have none left to build muscle with. You should be aiming to eat a minimum of 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. If you really want to bulk up, eat 1.5g per lb of bodyweight. Much more than this will probably end up getting stored as fat.

    Eat regular small meals through the day, I try to split my food intake into 8 seperate meals. 2 breakfasts, (banana before morning run, bowl of alpen after it), brunch (usually scrambled eggs or an omlette), pre lunch protein shake, lunch (usually tuna based), pre dinner protein shake, dinner (steak or fish) and a protein shake just before bed.

    Good, convenient, sources of protein that I have found to be usefull are:

    - Good quality protein powder. Seems expensive but buy a big tub and it will last a long time and is worth it.

    - Tuna fish, at 25 grams per 118 gram tin this is my favourite and most cost effective source of protein. Go to asdas and buy a few 4 packs to last a week or two.

    - Roast beef, buy a cut, wrap it in foil and cook it. When cold cut into portions and freeze. Just microwave and eat. Instant protein.

    - Steak, good but expensive. Go to the butchers not the supermarket it will be alot cheaper.

    - Chicken breast, can also be expensive but good. NB. the skin has alot of fat.

    - Milk powder, I use this instead of milk in my protein shakes as a pint of it has 20g of protein and a tub of it only costs about 1 pound 50.. good value.

    - Eggs, a medium/large egg has between 5 and 9 grams of protein. Eat in moderation. probably average one or two a day is allright. If you are worried about cholesterol and blood pressure take half an asperin per day.

    In addition to this, take a vitamin suppliment and drink LOTS of water to help your body proccess the protein. It is also a good idea to get some essential fatty acids. Buy Omega 3 capsules or a bottle of flax seed oil from holland and barret. Flax seed oil is great but tastes funky. I put half a teaspoon in my shake before bed. Peanut butter has lots of "good fats" as well as protein but usually alot of sugar so be careful. Try putting a tablespoon in your protein shake.

    I am almost certain someone here will post "eat pies" but dont. You will just get fat and raise your blood pressure. Eat only good quality foods. You are effectivly doing what strength athletes call "bulking" and requires that you eat large amounts of GOOD foods. NO READYMEALS OR TAKEAWAY lol.

    Hope this helps, post back with your stats and maybe I can help more. Its alot to take in I guess but I believe this is good advie and will help you. This is probably the one single thing that I actualy know what I am talking about lol.


    PS. Making your own protein shakes might be cost effective but protein powder contains whey isolate which is more readily used by the body and will contain more protein overall. Also you dont want to be eating 3-4 eggs a day.
  3. Eat pies.
  4. Lol what did I say?

  5. Shadowfar
    Whats your work out regime like? Are you doing miles and miles of running or just meeting your 1.5 miles? Obviously if you want to bulk up you're going to need to eat more but if its the former you need to eat a lot more!
    This can be hard if you don't have a large appetite - judge this by looking at how other people eat as often some people feel they have eaten a lot simply because they feel full and vise versa when this is not necessarily the case. If you can't manage to eat a lot more in big meals then try eating more often instead with regular smaller meals throughout the day - the same way dieters do but with aim of getting more into you rather than suppressing your appetite.
    If you are doing a lot of miles it could be worth cutting down for a while whilst you put on weight because running uses a lot of calories (thats why people trying to lose weight do it!) but remember to balance this with your need to stay fit. Also if you're going to weight lift try upping you protein intake and eating an hour before you train and immediatly afterwards so your body will use this food for energy rather than drawing from your body.
    As for protein somebody else may be able to give you the figure but it's something like eating 1.5 g per pound of body weight a day when your trying to put on muscle. Don't quote me on it, anybody else know for sure?
    Best of luck
  6. Yeah that is about right. It depends on your body fat % but 1g per lb of bodyweight is good for maintanence. 1.5g per lb for bulking and 2g+ if you are bad ass power-lifter or bodybuilder who is training HARD, (I assume this is not the case lol)

    If you know your body fat %, a better rule is 2g per lb of LEAN mass.

  7. [quote="

    If you know your body fat %, a better rule is 2g per lb of LEAN mass.


    I feel that if I were able to know the difference between my lean mass and my total mass I may become very depressed very quickly - and head straight for the fridge crying over my pizza.
    Oh and I just noticed that I repeated some of your advice because I didn't read the thread properly. Oh well great minds and all - except yours probably made more sense and was better informed (hangs head in shame and walks towards the fridge).
  8. I feel that if I were able to know the difference between my lean mass and my total mass I may become very depressed very quickly - and head straight for the fridge crying over my pizza.

    Haha I know how you feel! I worked mine out at 18% once and spent ages thinking, "god thats like one whole arm worth of fat" etc etc lol. I try not to think about it too much.

  9. Here's all my stats.Thanks for the advice so far.i tend to run 1.5mile every other morning,but over the past few days i've done it every morning.

    Bodyfat - 29.0%
    Weight - 52.9lbs
    Height - 5ft 11
    Waist - 28
  10. Are you sure?
  11. B*st*rd

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  12. I assume you mean 52.9kg? 52lbs is about the weight of a small child lol. Ok this is what confused me, your body fat %? Did you use a calculator and put in 52.9lbs instead of kg or is that really your body fat %?

    29% is alot of bodyfat and I cant understand how you could have that much fat and be 52kg at 5'11"... could this number be wrong?

    Anyway given your height and weight I would say that you will need to do some resistance training. Have you any experience in the weights room? Here is a plan to make you big.

    Each week alternate between doing 5 sets of 10 reps and 5 sets of 5 reps. Adjust the weight so that the last rep is difficult but not impossible. You dont want to work to failure here.

    Session 1

    Squat, squat and squat some more. Start with a light weight and keep proper form and gradually build up. The squat will put more muscle on you than any other single exercise and is great for the lower body. Dont expect to run the morning after a good squat workout.

    Session 2

    Bench press. Same as with squats, start light and work up. Keep arms shoulder width apart.

    Session 3

    Deadlift. Keep your back STRAIGHT! Hunch over and you will be doing serious damage. if in doubt, get help.

    Every morning

    Sets of push ups, pull ups, sit ups and dorsal raises + your regular running routine. I wouldnt cut this out.

    Remember the advice I gave you on nutrition as your workout is only 50% of the deal... with a bad diet any workout you do is just going to be counter productive at worse and pointless at best.

    When I started weight training I messed around with complex routines of isolation exercises (one body part at a time) before some powerlifters put me on the right track and told me that the best way to do things is "big and basic". These three exercises (combined with the morning routine) will work your whole body, and I have found them to be MUCH more effective than any of the other countless things I have tried.

    Last tip: dont read mens health or mens fitness. They are full of crap and will make you mess with your routine... this stuff I learned from powerlifters and body builders and those guys know their siht.

    Good luck!

  13. You've got your figures a bit messed up, I suggest these are more realistic:-

    Bodyfat 2.9%
    Weight 52.9kg (116lb)
    Height 5ft 11"
    Waist 28"

    BMI 16.2

    If you're looking to bulk up and need a cheap, tasty, high-protein/fibre, low-fat staple, look no further than the humble baked bean. If you're going to eat a lot of them, go for the reduced sugar/salt variety. Beans are massively under-rated, you don't even need to cook them, but baked beans on wholemeal toast makes a great meal at any time of the day.
    Oh yes, don't forget nuts if you're looking for extra protein, pound for pound almonds are top of the nutrition league and if you're increasing your protein intake, make sure you up your fluid intake too.
  14. Are you sure your not Ethiopian?
  15. eat mcdonalds it worked on supersize me