I need to choose a Regiment, Please help!

First post, Hello all.

Ok, I know that this thread may not belong here, but I could use some decent advice fairly quickly and it looks like this board is more often frequented than the officer application one.

Basically, I have my first officer selection interviw tomorrow at Aldershot and I still am not as prepared as i would like to be. I understand that i would need to have a pretty good idea already about the regiments i am interested in, but i still find all the choises quite overwhelming.

So, I thought that maybe if i put some info about me on here, people who know better, like your good selves would be able to point me in the right direction and give me some advice on regiments that I would fit into well and would benefit from my membership.

Right now I'm leaning towards Army intelligence or Signals. I would dearly love to Join AAC and go to Middle Wallop to fly helicopters, but I know how competitive that is.

about me;
Im 24 now, If i am accepted, I will be 25 by the time i reach Sandhurst. I have a BA degree and I am currently studying for an MA. I Have a good level of Japanese having lived there for two years working for a local Board of education. I am not as fit as i should be, having spent the last 12 months sat behind a desk, I am not overweight at all, just a lanky geek type right now but i am confident that i can pass the minimum but I have about a year to get myself fit again as i understand that the minimum standard isn't really enough for Sandhurst. (i used to surf every day for two years, so i was very fit about a year ago.

Im sorry if this thread shouldn't be here.
When I was a little younger than you I was looking at similiar options actually. As it was I let things lapse for a few years, didn't bother and regretted it for many years, eventually (years later) only doing a short amount of service in a sh1t job that I hated and was fairly resentful about.

Anyway, enough of my bitterness. One of the things I did when I was younger was go on a couple of days 'fam'(iliarisation) visit to the Royal School of Signals in Blandford Forum. Now I'd been to a few spots before with cadets and suchlike, but this was a really interesting eye opener for me. Learnt about all the jobs they can do and officer training and morale seemed very high.

Now Caveat here - this was about 15 years ago, so I don't know if things have changed, but at the time certainly it looked like a really interesting, challenging and worthwhile role.

Take a good look at the signals is my advice. I don't know you, but from what I know of them you can't go far wrong. Officers and men alike were decent sorts and definitely a crowd that most people would be able to fit in with.

That said, I have to say that it sounds like you might not be taking this seriously enough if you're still trying to decide what you want a day before your interview. However that may just be sour grapes from me, I know that I'd have done things a lot differently had I my time all over again. Don't waste the chance, you're on a limited time option here so make sure it counts and get some homework done *right now* on an option.


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I am not overweight at all, just a lanky geek type
What are you doing next Friday night? Myself and some fellow ginger Welsh cyclists plan a little fun with a sports bag and a bath. No commitment, just honest manly fun. In the bath. With a sports bag.

PM me, yah?
One thing to look at is a young Orificer doesn't get paid a lot and some Regiments mess fee's are quite high to keep the riff raff and those not of the right (in)breeding out. If you were seriously thinking about signals or intelligence it might have been safer posting in their forums to aviod the abuse in the NAAFI Bar.
Id seriously recommend you stop being fat and choose whichever you want, then it isn't my fault when it all goes tits up.

You have a BA already, avoid RS and REME, they expect math science graduates.

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