I Need to borrow ZX-9R (or certain ZX-6) 2000 E1/E2 H/LIGHT

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Monkey-Cruncher, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Im in need of a continental headlight to borrow or buy from a decent guy/gal in BFG. I will travel to collect and return, Refuse to buy for BFG Test as it will cost just over 400.00 Euro from dealer and the closest was on ebay at £270.00.

    Can anyone help???

    *There is a reward for any help leading to the securing of the said Item* :wink:
  2. I would do anything anD I mean anything in order for it to its bfg, but these lights on ebay are going for more than 250euro - used at least and im sick of watching and bidding for nothing!

    how easy would it be to add a cheap head light after removing the fairing myself?

    regards matey
  3. where in germany are you? could be some breakers near you?
  4. totally agree with the last 2 posts, the BFG test is in lieu of of an MOT,deliberatly falsifying it isnt just dangerous its also illegal.

    get caught by the GCP or RMP say goodbye to riding your bike. BFG entitlements will be taken off you including NAAFI etch.

    if your involved in an accident weather its your fault or not your licence is gone

    and as your BFG/INSURANCE is also invalidated your going to be fked.

    my wifes brother is still being payed out after an accident with an uninsured driver which happened over 30 years ago, the driver lost his house his wife everything.

    worth it? i dont think so, stop being a jock and fork out for the right lights.
  5. Very sensible answer. Safety comes first. Also, can you not stick a bit of black-nasty over part of the headlight?
  6. Hi all....

    I've bodged a GS Right angle torch on to my bike so it can pass it's BFG..... all I need now is a cheap helmet.... any one any ideas?

    Willing to swap a bag of haribo if neccesary.

    Buy the proper lights, and get them fitted you cnut. That's why you are paid X factor.

    Failing that sell your bike, as you're unfit to be on the road.
  7. I have taken all comments above on board but it really grips my shit that as you are allowed a flat beam on a bike, why the fook can't you have a converter kit on it???
  8. Unfortunately flat beams aren't allowed anymore!
  9. I've had the fairing off my 6 to change those crap rubber indicator mounts and all sorts of stuff just hangs there, so I can't see that being a practical short-term option.
  10. Sorry mate but that must be wrong about bikes:

    BFG Office/Testers said flat beams for bikes are fine.

    BFG Helpline @ JHQ (94872 4100) also stated that flat beams for motorbikes were perfectly acceptable and the flat beam issue only applys to cars.

  11. Fair one. Then why not buy a new h/light or leave your bike in the UK until you can afford one?
  12. So why are they alright on bikes but not cars?
  13. A bunch of ********* maybe, as most MOT stations in the UK are perfectly happy with a certain triangle to dip the beam!

    I just can't understand why soldiers in N/Ireland are still able to claim most of there car/bike insurance back... but thats another topic!