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I need to be beasted. PTI in Main Building/London?


I'm looking for a PTI or phys enthusiast to help me out with getting back into shape. I work in Main Building, and should have no problem in gripping myself and getting fit once again, however, it's not happening due to being too busy/a general lack of motivation.

To that end; if there is a PTI or such like that works in MB or in London and who would like to help me out - perhaps a beasting once, twice a week and a phys programme to follow - I'd be happy to donate some money or some pints to pay for time.

If you think you could help out, then please PM me.

FredWest said:
What about going up to Chelsea/Regents Park/Wellington Bks, getting on to the PTIs there!
Try that ArmyFitness civvy muscle-busting org - I cycle past them every day in Hyde Park and there's a ton of J&D to take your mind off the pain..........
MDN must have a lot of spare time on his hands and a fair amount of pent up frustrations waiting to be vented.

I'm sure a suitable beasting could be arranged. You will post a video won't you?
Why don't you adopt the standard main building fitness regime. Use the on-site gym and run embankment/bridge circuits. Start with Westminster and Hungerford, and move up/downstream as your fitness increases.
Bailey said:
I think you mean this lot;


Run by an Ex APTC Officer I think
A good excuse for ex-muscle busters to pose, blimp and shout spine-shudderingly bone things like "twice round my beautiful body .... standby......go"

and for old current-perverts to watch peanut smuggling races, zeppelin races and puppy wrestling for ten minutes in a morning on the way to the drudgery of the office.

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