Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by recce-cpl, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. I just went on a one man mission to URBAN 75 , seems they dont like me much could any fellow arrsers pop across there and give me a bit of support . They dont like my views on Iraq or the chap that was killed at the tube station . Any help would be great as i am surrounded by soap dodgers and i am running low on 5.56.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Putting my Mod hat on now, 'raiding' other sites like U75 is a bad idea and not to be encouraged because:

    a. Some of the soap-dodging types are quite clever and well educated, and perfectly capable of making the average Arrser look like a tw@t whatever we may think of their views.

    b. It may well encourage them to do the same to us.

    c. It may also encourage revenge hacking which we definitely don't need.

    If you want to go and argue the toss with these people, it's a free country and you're welcome to do so, but do not suggest to them that you represent Arrse, the Army or anything akin to it.
  4. We did this about 6mnths ago and it lead to a board war that was averted at the last minute. We have our views, they have theirs.

    That board tends to lean to the left and as such i dont think you will agree with too many of their sentiments, but dont let that detract from the board. There are a few members who seem to have their heads screwed on, so if you hng around, im sure you will meet one or two of them. And dont mention arrse. They get very touchy about that! :D
  5. Ah, I see - we did suspect as much.

    As people may know I'm a mod there and we don't fancy board wars either. Can I just say that new posters saying that they're soldiers etc are a bit obvious to the old timers there? (Either that or we just don't believe them...).

    I don't want to discourage people from posting, all new comrades are welcome, but keep it a bit more concealed eh?
  6. What have they got against soldiers ?
  7. U75 think all squaddies are nazi, fascist, baby killing scum.
  8. My closing line which for a thick squaddie i am proud of was '' if it wasnt for people like me then people like you would not be able to voice there opinion '' So **** off you soapdodger or words to that effect . Any way i took cpunk's advice as my grammer isnt up to the required standard for battle with left wing university lecturers and withdrew.
  9. Ah, in that case fu** 'em all then..
  10. fm,

    I don't wish to judge anybody (never mind a group of people) whom I haven't met, nor do I intend to force said people to subsume to my point of view. However, I would like to think that the same degree of courtesy be offered to anyone joining your group. If the people on boards which you moderate are so anti-forces, perhaps a little stronger moderation is required in order to allow a truely balanced persepective to permeate.

    It grates me when it is suggested that we
    Why should we? Do we not have the same basic rights to freedom of speech? Are members of HM Forces lower down on the food chain than the general population? {rhetorical :wink:}

    I respectfully submit that no-one in this country can say they are better than the remainder of the population, with the sole exception of a young lad called "Beharry". If you consider that should be kept "concealed" then I would suggest that you should revisit your priorities in life.

    If this sounds like a rant, then forgive me - it is supposed to be a strong opinion ;)

  11. That was my point, just made in a slightly more elequant way.. ;)

    Maybe they forget that if it wasnt for our types then they wouldnt have their freedom of speech they so obviously enjoy..
  12. Why waste time with Urban 75 when you can play with the REAL psychos over on the 'International' section of the Guardian talkboards!
  13. You can always recite this one to them mate ..... I find it works a treat :D

    (I have these printed on fridge magnets - with the permission of the author no less!! - if anyone wants to put this on their fridge ;) )

    Vik xxx
  14. Official line: Tiger raids to be discouraged. Out.
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