I need some help/advice.

Hello all, ive posted this thread in the QUARANC/RAMC section but no joy so far. I recently applied to join the Army, sent off all my forms etc and received a letter this morning informing me that my application should be deferred for 1 YEAR because, wait for it....i had a urinary tract infection (epididimytis-a small infection at the base of the Testicle) about 8 months ago. The infection is gone but i was prescribed antibiotics in June to ensure it would'nt come back. I am in good health and very physically active/fit and have been gearing myself up to go and im now obviously a bit gutted to say the least. I know i can appeal the decision and will because it such a small thing to be deferred for. Has anyone got any advice on appealing or in general, or know of any similar situation that might help me. Any feedback at all would be extremely useful and much appreciated, cheers folks.
You're right, Skinn_Full,

Seems either somebody's being overly careful here, or you've encountered a right cnut.
Write or phone and ask for an immediate reassessment. Meanwhile, get yourself down to your local doc and ask her/him for blood and urine samples to be taken and the results to be handed over to you. Once you explain the circumstances, I'm sure you'll have no problem with that.
Give the printouts to the examining doctor when you're reassessed, just to show that a) you're taking it very seriously, and b) there could be a discrepancy between the results you have from your doc and the results of the tests that led to your deferrment.
If there is, they'll run new tests and you should be OK then.
Best of luck.

Cheers for the advice , im gonna get down the docs this afternoon and get him to write me a letter to back my story up, because i think that the doc at the RSC got the wrong end of the stick from my medical records Thanks again.

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