I need of your arrse-famous worldly advice

Earlier this year I completed selection, did my oath and got my start date for the July just gone, the day before I was due to scarper i ended up calling the AFCO and telling them id had a change of heart.

The real reason is my lass.

Ive now manned up and want to get the **** away from here and do the job ive wanted to do since I picked up the cheap imitation of an Action Man, my gran gave me all those years ago.

Thing is, am I going to get the '**** off you had your chance'?

In 2007 I also started an app, but I was a different chap then, admittedly, a bit of a mong.

I ******* hate AS level, I hate the environment, im too much of an outdoor person to be learning about things I'd rather shove up my japs eye.

Any pondering ideas fellas? Any recruiters want to give me a heads up of what to expect when i give them a tickle?
give it a try mate see what happens. Although I was told when i get to basic dont drop out whatever as they would rather give someone a first chance than people a second chance. This surely can't be true of everyone just go in and find out. This time don't quit / change your mind otherwise I would imagine the door will be completely closed.
Maybe put a post in Re-enlisting/Rejoining - Advice and chat in here.?
Phone up tomorrow and find out.

Word of caution. Lots of people joining at the moment, so you may find that you are no longer able to do the job you wanted, or perhaps even at all for some time.

What happened to your bird?
yeh thats true, from passing selection in may ive got to wait till feb 2010 to do my job, so if ur really passionate about it mate dont let the long wait put u off, just stick at ur civvy job for a while longer.
im sure the careers office will be unstanding mate they will have probably seen it before or might have even done it themselves, just ring them, and sell urself to them, tell them how sorry you are etc etc..
good luck
Your not a Re-enlister or Re-joiner because you never went to your ATR and enlisted. All you can do is go into the AFCO cap in hand and explain everything what happened and see what your Recruiter/Senior Recruiter wants to do. I believe that youd have to go back through interview stages and ADSC again but your medical will last a year from when you were at ADSC last. No point speculating really though as your Senior Recruiter will have the main shout on this. As said the Army is chocker at the moment so unless you were a very good pass at ADSC first time and convince them otherwise nothing certain.

Good luck though

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