I need Nijmegen photos

As the title suggests, I need photo's from Vierdaagse. Stuff from Heumonsoord will be good, out on the march better. This is if you did it as BMC or as BDWF.

Cheers guys
Yes I found all the official ones, however i'm looking for photo's taken from people on the ground so to speak.
Mongoose and Mr Deputy if you could PM some pics to me that would go down a treat. The foot one would help too. I'm doing a promotional video to get some of my cadets interested in Vierdaagse.

HVM Boy cheers that's a great help
Mine will be a few days since sky haven't activated our broadband at new house yet, I've also got some scroatal rubbing ones (not me, issue undies are the way forward) but I don't think your cadets will want those...

Mr_Deputy, you swore you wouldn't share those :<
I appeared in the local rag when I was working as BMC Admin a few years back (2003!) I was sat outside polishing my boots dressed only in a towel.

I've never done the march itself and resect to those who have but working as a Chief Shiny Arse supporting all those marchers isn't exactly an easy job. My day started with waking the marchers up and finished after clearing out the bar and making sure everyone got to bed safely (02:30 to 23:00!), with a couple of hours kip in the afternoon.

I don't think a lot of the first timers realise how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure that their experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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