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Discussion in 'REME' started by nii_adjei, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. hey guys i'm thinking of joining the military engineer - electricals or vehicle mechanic.
    can anyone give me info on both jobs so, it will help me a lot im a bit confused at the moment

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  2. Military Engineer?
  3. Don't make the biggest mistake of your soon to be military career. Military Engineer is the Sappers. Veh Mech is the REME.

    Good luck
  4. thanks a lot... which one has better civi opportunities..?
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    Um, yeah. I punted it in here from the Blogs forum since he mentioned VMs and 'electricals'
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  8. I'm not sure I can help with advice about joining the Army to get a trade to be better off in civvie street. Starting resettlement before you've even joined up is either, a little premature or amazingly switched on.

    Watch and shoot, Watch and shoot.
  9. Ok what i believe your asking is
    RE-Electrician which incorporates combat engineering, so your a housing electrician but your main job would be combat engineering which is demolitions, bridging and mine/IED clearing. Any obstacles in the way you clear or get over. Requires C grades English lang, Maths and science

    REME Mechanic A Mech fixes vast range of equipment from Challenger 2/ Warrior and can work on range of B vehicles aswell. B mechs work on large array of wheeled vehicles from Artics down to landrovers and other tonker toys. Requires D grades English lang, Maths and science.

    More technical trades for REME require C grades.

    Look on the Army web site or go into your local ACIO