I need info from a Bootneck to expose a Walt.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Sickly Rupert, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. A mate of mine runs a security company that does the usual crap of providing security guards, dog handlers, nightclub bouncers etc. He has just received an application from somone who claims to be an Ex Royal Marine and Ex SAS and it walts to high heaven.

    We want to set up an interview and film him walting away so we can shove it on You Tube. I am looking for some questions that only a regular booty would know the answers to (rather than soneone who spent a month in a reserve outfit).

    Ill Post the link once it's filmed.
  2. Ask him what dress size he is.
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  3. Ask him to do the roll mat challenge.
  4. There are no definitive 'colour of the boathouse' questions available to those not already in the know, if there were, anyone with half a brain would already know the answers.
  5. Who the fuck is the original poster anyway?
  6. Someone who's never heard of Discharge documentation apparently.
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  7. Ask him if he knows what a 'nod track' is, was discussing the delight's of it yesterday.

    Then again I hope he is gen and batters the pair of you..
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  8. Cheers Carlos.
  9. Doesnt say a lot for your pal though, filming someone at interview to then release it to the world? Speaking as the boss of a small, fledgling security company it strikes me as hugely unprofessional, just saying like.
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  10. You've just describe a large portion of the industry.
  11. Ask him to kick fuck out of you, then post that on youtube once it's filmed.

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  12. True, I'm currently experiencing some very steep learning curves :) My small army of Somalis and Pakistanis keep us comfortable in that they work like fucking dogs for minimum wage with absolutely zero complaint.
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  13. As they should, as they should.
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  14. You and your mate are wankers.

    I hope the bloke is genuine and he sues you from here to the middle of next week.