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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Atilla140709, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. hay, erm, my girlfriend is pregnant, and i am sure to join the army in 4 weeks, do i have to tell the army she is pregnant? im really not sure but i don't want to jump in and tell them if i do'nt have to.
  2. What makes you think they'd be interested?
  3. You don't have to tell them. But you do have to show us topless photos of her.
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  4. Marry her.
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  5. Don't have to tell them anything, but if you do mention it to your full screw during the first they will be pre warned (god forbid anything does) if some complication arise.
  6. Only topless? full gash shots surely?
  7. You're not the Dad, are you!
  8. There's a chance one of them could be the father.
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  9. yea i am the dad ...defo sure of that ..... and topless photos .... hmmmmm .... no! lol
  10. and i wasnt sure, because we are both only 17 ... and i wasnt sure if they had any rules against it ... :/
  11. Lol indeed. Is she a fat minger? I assume so, hence no photos
  12. no, no, no loool, she is obsessed with being thin ... thats why she is all mine ;) lool
  13. I bet she's not
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  14. Obsessed with being thin... Is she ready to hear some bad news?
  15. She has AIDS?
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