I need help with a camera lens!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Legs, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Not quite sure which forum this should be in, but it is a bit arty so...

    I have recently retaken up photography, and have a Canon EOS 400D which is a pretty decent camera. I have 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses. What I want to do though it try a bit of close up photography. I can get fairly close up with the 18-55mm but I want closer...

    Are there any experienced photographers who can advise me on the best lens to get that won't need a mortgage to buy?
  2. any lens with MACRO
  3. Old SLR 35mm you could buy cheap additional lenses that fitted between the "real" lens and the body of the camera - lots of extra performance (either telephoto or close) at the cost of poorish light transmission. Don't know if available today/digital.
  4. They're referred to as macro extension tubes and, yes, they are still available although I believe they work better with a fixed focal length lens.

    Canon extension tube on Amazon
  5. legs, google 'eos macro lenses', theres a ton of stuff and info out there.
  6. Canon 17-85mm at under £300 is a fantastic lens. Great versatility and pretty sharp at the low end, minimum barrel distortion. Make sure you put skylight filters on all your lenses for protection, didn't with my 70-200mm.... :x
  7. Thanks. I've Googled, but rather that a shop telling me that the lens they have in stock is best, I want someone who has used one and isn't selling me one to tell me the real truth.

    Jungelism - Thanks, I'll look at that one. And I have skylight filters on both lenses permanently.
  8. Canon Macro EF200mm F2.8
    About £280
  9. How close? Canon do a nice 60mm. Purpose built for the job. I've got one, it's the dogs. You can get cheaper, but if you want your lens' to have the same quality as you camera, stick with Canon. I've got a 5D and a 350D (the predecessor to yours). Both are great as far as I'm concerned. I suggest that you shop around some of the outlets on the internet (not just Jessops) as you might get yourself a bit a bit off. The problem with lens' is that they don't upgrade as fast as bodies so tend to keep their price. I can't remmeber what I apid for my 60mm but I bought it along with a few other items on the net and got a reasonable discount. Most of these places do tax free as well. The two lens' you've mentioned are quality (are they stabilized).

    For a cheap option have a look at Sigma. They're not too bad.
  10. To repeat a question, "How close?"

    As you get closer to the subject, so you start to block the available light. In the old days of 35mm, the solution was to fit a ring flash to the lens. This illuminated the subject from all directions.

    Presumably there's a similar light source that can be fitted to digital camera lenses.

    Of course, you could go one step further. Instead of just getting close-up photos, you could use an endoscope and get photos INSIDE whatever it is that your photographing..... Ahem!
  11. I want to be able to photograph insects on plants - that type of close.

    I was looking at a Canon 60mm, and also a Ring Flash. not cheap, but it does look good...
  12. I swear by the Sigma 105mm Macro lens. I used to work in a camera shop so had a good chance to play with all the kit from the £90 up to the £XXXX lenses!

    It will cost a few hundred but if you are serious about shooting macro have a good look at it. Best thing to do is pop to a local photographic shop and have a play with them, take a few test shots on each and see which you feel best.
  13. Worked in the industry till about 8 years ago.

    Sigma or Tamron are excellent if your not a cannon snob.

    For ring flash info see here http://ringflash.co.uk/

    I would not buy the cannon one as its expensive and is probably not made by them! Its also an expensive piece of kit that you wont use that ofton!
  14. Got a couple of EOS 500 N 's in the wardrobe that I don't use, I'll have a look and see what I can find lens wise from what I can remember I had 6-7 lenses for each, but can't remember what they were.......