I need help outing a Walt

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A lad I work with has made some outrageous claims I'm 99% sure he's bullshitting... I want to out him. Where do I start? He's 42. He claims to have served with the Paras. He said he flew to fight in the Falklands but was dropped off at Ascension Islands. He then said he was called up by Isreal to fight in secret war. He was (along with other Jewish ex pats) dressed in German/American/French uniforms and flown to 'do some Spec Op stuff' He said he was issued ' a suppressed MP5 with a bag attached to catch shell casings' and he said that after that 'he was one of only 3 people in London issued with a special licence to carry a firearm'; In the mid 80s (times being hard) he had to work as a black cab driver but because he was still working for 'them' he carried a Khaki suit in his boot so he could change and fight Global Terror. At this point in the story I became suspicious :/.
Facts against him... 1 The only things he knows about the British Army is stuff you can read online 2 No one in the Army says Spec Ops 3 If he was in the Falklands he would have been about 15 4 I could go for a while.
I know he's lying but can't prove it. I did 7 years myself so I smelt a rat fairly quickly however some people at work are taken in by his web of untruths.... Maybe i'm wrong and I'll end up eating a slice of good ole humble pie


Why don't you do it yourself? You've already got the evidence there. Or are you too scared?
You only smelt a rat after the 'fight global terror' bit???? you need pills mate!
The cnut is plainly a walt so why worry,play him along with some more wilder claims than his play him along and use him as a drinks source!
FFS if he fought in the Falklands & is 42 then he must have been 15 when he went to the South Atlantic. Just confront him and out the lying cnut. Is he member of the Shortt familiy or has an uncle who is Baron ?
My tongue was firmly in cheek when I said about Global terror... Well we already confronted him and ripped the piss for a couple of weeks... He went quite now he's making his bold claims again to newer members of staff...
Ask him what Bn....

The walt in him will want to say 1 Para... but they were in NI during the Falklands.


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Potnoodle just sent me the Super heroes Name and he has a VC and MM.
hahahahahahaaha you know reading about previous tom peppers on here I think his fantasy life will unravel with a few basic questions... Jeez If he wasn't such a bullshit artist I'd ignore him but telling young lads he was SF Hmmmmmmmmmmm Bit sad


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Well, he,s not old enough to have gone down south, and never been in 2/3 Para.
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