I need help desiding what to do.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Donnelly182, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi, can anyone help me with what is best for me to join, i want to be out there with the fight, but i also want to get a trade out of it all and have options in civvie street afterwards.
    I was thinking the Royal Engineers, i was also thinking of Pioneers until my dad said they used to be called 'grave diggers'.
    Please help!
    Much appreciated, Jeremy.

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  2. Have you had a look at http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/royalmarines/

    If you're set on the Army; Engineers has lots of oportunities to break stuff, I me, lots of trades, what do you enjoy doing?
  3. Have you been into your local army careers office to see what they can offer you? As it all (initially) depends on what qualifications you have as to what job/trade you can go for...
  4. Hi, yeah i'm set on the Army, i was think bomb disposal but i hear you can only do that if posted to 33 Engineer Regiment, not sure if thats correct or not. I've been down to my local Careers Office but the guys there have just given me a load of 'brouchures' about the REs, REME, and Pioneers.
    I have also considered the Infantry joining my local regiment (PWRR) but my parents wont sign for me to join the Infantry.
    As for what qualifications i will need, i will probably not get any higher than i D in Maths, but my Sciences and Englishs should good.
    Once again thank you.
  5. Take a real look at what REME has to offer. You'll get a trade - get to fight - and be part of a great team.
  6. You get to fight in the REME?

    You might see action if it finds you first, but the REME definitely do not go on Strike Ops i can assure you, that is left to the Combat Arms of the Army.
  7. Have you perhaps considered that whatever ya dad says bout the Engineers, its your choice to make. They just sign the forms. Read the army website descriptions bout the various branches mate. And im told that if ya after trades/quals to set ya up after army..tried the Royal Signals? Apparently ya get IT qualifications which can bring in the cash in civvy life. But its a career choice u have to make. What sort of job would you like to do? What are your interests? Do you like machinery? Tanks? Horses? Etc etc etc. Im still applying for Army so not an expert but they are questions i asked myself. Best of luck mate
  8. Confirm with fivetodo (sorry to drag you in to this) but I think you could be young enough to join the RA as a junior entrant. They DO get to see the action and you can get yourself a telecomms (within reason) trade too. Failing that, the INF have trades too which EVERY MAN AND THEIR DOG FORGET. EVERY INF unit has their own Sigs platoon (for now at least) as well as drivers etc.

    If, of course, that doesn't appeal to you, follow smilers advice as it's going to be your career.
  9. Sorry my friend but I think you may be out of date a bit. Only a couple of months ago two REME lads were killed in Afghanistan. Every day REME guys are in the front line - there simply isn't enough soldiers to go round, so they have to :x
  10. Jeep with respect, you are wrong. The many Corps indeed are losing soldiers on the front line as they provide support to the battle groups with their main tasks (the 18yr old RLC driver for example). What they are not doing though is fixing bayonets and charging over the line.
  11. Don't bother with AGC(ETS) - they have an old fashion approach to spelling!
  12. There is no front line in Afghanistan, you could be mortared in your pit space in Kandahar and get hit by an IED going to collect the mail in Kabul just as easily as getting shot whilst kicking a door in somewhere in Musa Qaleh, the point i am making is that the REME and any of the other Combat Support Services do not go on fighting patrols, the Infantry may in cases take attached personnell for a specific task but on most occassions but as Disco pointed out, unless they found themselves in the shit suddenly they wouldnt actually be fixing pointy things to their weapons going out looking for trouble.

    There is a chance of seeing action whatever cap badge you at the moment, but the Combat Arms are the only ones whose bread and butter is solely fighting (or closing with the enemy).

    That doesnt mean that the REME isnt a valid option, but it in my opinion there would be just as many benefits going R Signals Comms Sys Op at the moment too, especially in the future :)
  13. It is simples, stabbing pointy things into people or a trade? If the first, then infantry all the way. If the latter, decide what trade and then do it...
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Or be a medic?
  15. Sounds like the choice every scouser is given at age 10. Crime or Apprenticeship hehe. I chose the 3rd option..Student Scrounger ;)