I need an F-18 pronto

In line with the chap that's looking for a machete: I am in desparate need of an F-18 'Super Hornet.' Will pay cash. An extensive search on Ebay has turned nothing that I can use, hence I turn to Arrse.

Ordnance and related weaponry will be greatly appreciated. Oh, I also need a pilot too.
brighton hippy said:

this blokes got one for sale can even make it air worthy for about £5million in real money :twisted:
Cheaper to do the FACs course...
Disposal services Agency had a BAE Lightening not so long ago. I've checked for you and there is nothing at the moment but keep your eye out. There pretty good for armoured Mondeos and Discoverys though

Mr Happy, think it's Dynacorp, not Kroll.

Mr Happy

Is it. Right, well thats Jules K off my mailing list then..

He spilt a drink over me at number 10 when I was representing 49 and I was going to chin him and as he pleaded for mercy he said I could borrow his jet. I assumed he meant FAJ but come to think of it, he probably meant Lear..

Oh well. Sod load of use thats going to be to me in Tehran next week... I can't tell you more obviously as its all opsec but lets just say "sub-basement mosque visit" and leave it at that ehhh..

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