I need an answer....concerning sniffer dog bootees

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BlueDanubeWalt, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. With ref. to the Muslim house search/sniffer dogs offending cultural sensibilities 'n' wearing bootees I need an proper informed answer from a dog handling 'Plod'

    Is this real..??..or do the dogs wear them in all house searches..to protect from all the needles/broken bottles/open corned beef tins that generally litter 'villans' houses or is this at the discretion of the handler concerned..???..I do need an answer...'Please'...
  2. Bootees are available for doggies to protect their feet from sharps/glass etc.
  3. thanks for the answer speedcuff..its not the availiability..makes sense..its the application...probably why I need a 'definitive' answer from a dog handler
  4. why? Do you really, really need an answer? I mean, do you actually depend upon this information? Will something terrible happen if you don't know the answer?
  5. I believe that all animals used for searching/guarding purposes by government departments are given a set off bootees for their protection. It is at the discretion of the handler as to whether they are worn. Horses can be issued ankle and knee protectors too for when dealing with riots etc...
  6. Many thanks, I need this to settle a 'discussion' with a ZANU 'Liabour' PF member
  7. I can see the importance.
  8. I've seen them used by GP dogs entering a property with loads of broken glass over the floor.
    Unfortunately, the dog decided his most pressing duty was to try and remove said boots before he could crack on with a bit of searching and biting.
    Sat in the doorway munching at his feet.
  9. fecking bright dogs, how low does it take them to get through medical school

  10. 7human years so 49 dog years (ish). That isn't too good as they would have a Cr4p pension when they retired.
  11. Thank you, you're marvellous, try the chicken in a basket, I'm here all week. :D :D :D
  12. can dogs have sex changes
  13. yes but they cant go to medicals wearing their wings.
  14. I don't think they need to wear boots when searching a muslim house, they will eat them with or without boots. 8O