I need an ACF contact please


I have been approached by a close friend who has a daughter aged (I think) 13 who has expressed an interest in Army cadets.

I need to know the following.

How much it costs - do they pay subs? do they buy their own uniform/kit? Cash is an issue as my mate has four kids and if one goes all will go eventually. (Teach him to keep his pecker in his pants.)

How long do the meetings last? Start times? Camps etc?

I could also do with a contact in the Halifax or Huddersfield areas who could help with info. Thanks guys. I'm sure you'll be able to help me out.

There will be an enrolement fee of some description which will be around £20 depending on County.

Uniforms are provided FOC but such "Gucci" items as socks t shirts, trouser twists and boots will not be.

Everything else she needs can be issued like waterproofs and 58 Pattern webbing.

Most units make a charge each months as some form of subs, I charge mine £5 and it goes towards the subsidised Naafi and stable belts for the NCOs as well as leaving presents.

Most units will parade twice a week on Mondays and then a combination of either Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Timings are (ish) 19:00hrs to 21:30hrs

Camps will be so ething like once a quarter but depending on what she likes doing there will be more specialist ones in between like shooting or AT.

I would look on www.armycadets.com and look for her nearest unit then a trip down on a Parade Night should answer any questions she has (best take her Father with her)

This is not a generic list but most units work on a variation of a theme.


Until someone comes up with the definitive local info...

Our local ACF has a £10 joining fee (this used to be a uniform deposit, but seems to have changed). No subs. Monday & Wednesday 19:30 - 21:30 (though you could be hanging around waiting to pick up any time up to 10:15).

Camp once a year (2 weeks) costing about £60 - this includes entrance to a local attraction, e.g. Alton Towers. Overnight trip to WW1 battlefields has been known. VERY good value and seems to be conscious that many kids come from poorer families - money is collected over a period of about 3 months.

Weekends away about once every six weeks, sometimes there's a fee, sometimes not. Depends what they're doing.

Cadets showing an interest in sports get the opportunity to volunteer for competition weekends and associated training. (Those without such interest get spammed if insufficient numbers volunteer! ;) )

There's a tuck shop. I suspect that a bit of profit is made here to offset Camp.

The Cadets provide the Guard at the local Remembrance Day Service - much in-fighting to be selected for "Four Corners" duty.
Spot on with the above answers.

Our County don't charge a joining fee, weekends are £6, Longer exercises around £50, and some units (like mine) take subs, usually 50p a week. Peanuts really for what they can possibly get out of it.
if its the huddersfield area he lives in thats my county

Joining Fee of £12.50, subs depend on individual DCs some charge them some don't. Basic uniform is issued however cadets have to get hold of their own boots. Weekend camps are £5 - £4 and Annual camp is £45 for 2 weeks (i forget the amount for 1 week sorry)

Parade nights are usually 3 hours long tops 7pm till around 9pm usually , camps are friday evening till sunday afternoon

hope this helps
Huddersfield Det. parades Tuesday and Thursday 19.15 - 21.30. Recruiting from 1st Sept.
Halifax Det. parades Monday and Thursday 19.00 - 21.00. Recruiting now.

£12.50 enrolment fee. Weekend Camp = £5. Annual Camp (2006) 1 week (Juniors) = £25, 2 weeks (seniors) = £45 (includes day out and T shirt).

Uniform issued FOC, required to provide boots, twisters.

Huddersfield subs = 30p per night (or 50p per week if paid on Tuesday).

Anything else I can help you with, please ask.
Smashing. Thanks guys.

Harry. I might be paying you a visit soon.
Lairdx said:
Smashing. Thanks guys.

Harry. I might be paying you a visit soon.
im sure you will like it there, Laird_x, Harry's favourite pub is only a few doors down, he loves his Tetely bitter ;)
Lairdx said:
Smashing. Thanks guys.

Harry. I might be paying you a visit soon.
Be pleased to meet you old chap. PM me for a phone number if you intend to visit.
Thanks for the help guys.
semper said:
im sure you will like it there, Laird_x, Harry's favourite pub is only a few doors down, he loves his Tetely bitter ;)
Ah I see where Lairdx got this from, he mentioned it when he visited last night.

Semper, you're getting my home mixed up with my Det (although there's probably more kit at home :lol: )
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you had the serious answers so I just couldn't resist it


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