I need advise from a royal marine doctor

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by marineman86, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Hey I applied for the army two years ago but they refused me due to my medical history, when I was 5 years old I had a very minor stroke, also my grandad had a DVT about 8 years ago and the doctors said he had a blood condition that means his blood is slightly more prone to clotting than and everyday person. This blood condition runs in the close family so obviously I have it too. Im now 22 years old and fit as a fiddle with absolutly no health problems since my minor stroke 17 years ago. Due to the army refusing me on these silly grounds have I any chance of getting in marines???? can anyone help me with this information??

  2. Try the marine forum, quickly before you get crucified for asking in here
  3. Always keep quiet about this and go for the medical to properly have medical screening to see how you are !
  4. Unlikely, but nothing stopping you trying! Good luck!
  5. What about the TA s a first option mate, you're young enough to forego a couple of years regular service. The TA may, I say again 'may' be a bit more lenient. If you got lucky there and didn't have any 'episodes' it may stand you in good stead in a couple of years time for regular service. Of course, they may f*ck you off completely, but you never know ou rluck until you try.

    Now, before any of the 'serious' TA kick off....it's only a f*cking suggestion OK. We know that you do Ops nowadays etc, etc, etc, but your short handed and who knows eh?
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Rufus is right, and i speak as a ten year stab! Quite a lot of the better TA guys ar those who have come to us as a second choice.

    Join the TA infantry, do a couple of years, including maybe a tour, then try again. I know of at least one of our lot who has got into the regs after years of trying and failing due to a childhood medical problem..
  7. The army recruiter said I couldnt go for the TA either, that was two years ago though, believe me ill try every option to get in the forces, it annoys me that we are short of armed forces personel, with me 100% fit and willing to do anything, and they wont accepted me cuz i might get a DVT in a trench, insurance policy, well what is it then when you boys and girls are on the front line dodging bullets, where does the insurance policy come in to play there??

    Give me a medical diclaimer to sign!! This needs to be introduced!!!
  8. Try a bit of tactical lying use your head bulshit baffles brains and theres not much brains in the army
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Go straight to TA, and miss out the AFCO.
  10. Give the marines a shot - they either have more relaxed guidelines or doctors who are more wiiling to take risks with rare conditions my brother being a point in case.
    He was diagnosed with a heart condition at birth and required nothing more than a two yearly check up for his first sixteen years. He applied to Marines, his condition was highlighted and referred to a senior navy doctor who saw it as no bar. He attended and passed PRMC at Lympstone, but decided it wasnt for him (probably the nudey wrestling :oops: ) and decided to give the TA (RLC Storeman) a go before deciding if he could hack the Army full time.
    At this point everything went the shape of a pear. At his initial medical he was referred to Strensall for further 'tests'. Where it was decided he would not be allowed to continue, despite an appeal which took the best part of a year and reference to the Navy doctors who had agreed he was safe for service in the marines , army doctors decided he was unfit to be a a part time storeman in the RLC! :roll:
    The reason stated that as he required ant-biotics one hour prior to routine dental treatment that should he be shot in the mouth there might not be time to administer said anti-biotic prior to surgery.
    In reality no army doctor was willing to take the tiniest bit of risk that he might not be shot in the mouth ( I understand broad spectrum antibiotics are usually given as a precaution after any gunshot wound ) so would not pass him for risk of being sued by his next of kin.
    His condition has now fully healed but he no longer has any enthusiasm to re-apply.
    So in short dad on, try the booties :D .
  11. Thanks for that advice mate, it gives me some sense of hope!!!
  12. May seem like a daft question, but have you ever been prescribed warfarin?
  13. No i have never been given warfrin. Just asprin!
  14. Was aspirin prescribed for a blood condition? If so, are you still on it?
  15. No i have not been prescribed any medication for the blood condition, they just said walk a bit more on planes apparantly its very common in the general public. I take the asprin due to the minor stroke I had 17 years ago when I was 5. Ive had no reacurances of anything since. They say take one asprin every morning after breakfast! Just to thin my blood so it reduces any risk of having another stroke, although my local GP has told me I have no risk of another stroke again, and 100% medically fit! My GP even wrote to the army telling them this, but they still refused me!