In the past month I have had my third stomach op for a hiatushernia as the other two reversed them selves.

The surgeon who I s only one of six specially trained spercifically in this area anyway he and the senior medical consultant at the german hospital strictly stated 3 months complete rest which I have a copy. Im not seeking to get out of work (No warning for Ops either) and work is fine for the 3 months. This is my only real use of the medical centre in 9 years but I dont want this op to reverse again on me as it will cause to many problems next time.

Im trying to find a way of a second opinion or someone to speak to on this matter as I have only been out of hospital for 3 weeks now and they want me to return to work but the last 2 ops I was given 8 weeks by the civvie docs at the medical centre at my last place.

Pse no wind ups as im really not in the mood.

Just looking for some real surgestions.

Thanks MC

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