I need advice for phase 2 RMP

I' m currently doing phase 1 RMP @ Winchester, my phase 2 course doesn't start until August 15 and im just looking for advice to prepare myself for the course as I have been told it is a very demanding course.
Enjoy it, work hard keep your head down and listen are the main points of advice I would advise. Remember that you are going to come out of training as a LCpl, a rank that many other capbadges have to work extremely hard for and for some, wait a long time for, so don't forget that fact. Remember you are a NCO first a Policeman second, conduct yourself as such and respect all those you serve irrespective of rank and you will do well.

As for Phase 2, not as demanding as when I was in depot, thats what they USED to calling training centres ! Yawn........

Good Luck

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