I Need advice, afgan tour coming up. any info welcome!

I have an op tour coming up to afgan, and although this is not my first tour. It will be my first truely hostile tour and so if anyone has any info no matter how small on anything from cultrual to extra kit worth taking i would be grateful for your advice. cheers.

(please remember opsec)!


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You'll need to be a bit more specific I'm afraid. For example, what you may need to take depends on three things (to start with):

1. What you will be doing - big difference between what a Chef needs to take and a No2 on an 81mm, for example.

2. Where you are going - more facilities at some places than others (KAF is excellent, Bastion and Lash pretty decent, usually gets more basic the nearer the pointy end you get, logically enough.

3. When you are going - it's getting cold now, and the hot weather is well and truly behind us! LtWt sleeping bags are now pretty pointless...

So, define things a bit, and you'll get better answers.
wear sunglasses when talking to village elders and eye up their women.
could it be because desert camouflage doesn't work very well when the other surroundings are green ??? Too much of a contrast, would stand out like hell.
mark1234 said:

Useless as in they stuck out like a sore thumb in an area covered in green stuff.
Yeah wasn't even a good try was it? Unfortunatley for the Clampet above he fell for it. Well done clendogz

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