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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Howarth, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Im a 16 year old lad thinking about my career, I really am up for joining the army and despite looking over the army.mod site i havant found the information am looking for.

    At the moment i have no clue on the different Regiments and groups and different jobs. I wondering if there is any places where i can go to talk to a Solider face to face and ask him about different jobs, wage, What Regiments id be in and what id be doing, and where would i be sent off too.

    Sorry that i sound like an idiot i just have no clue about this sort of thing. I really do want to join the army.

    I live in Liverpool near a TA site, Would i be able to get information there?
    Or perhaps a help number line of some sort..

    If anyone would be helpful enough to add me to Msn and help me out then feel free too. my e-mail is harrykewellno7@hotmail.co.uk

    And once again sorry that i sound like a total newbie to this sort of thing.
  2. Townsend Barracks sounds just the place for the information you require.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Not been to an Army recruitment office yet?
  4. Or school by the looks of it ?
  5. Army careers office. ur area - army

    Send of for the free info pack and DVD - info pack

    Or phone the number on the website or go onto the careers messenger site on the army.mod website.

    Good luck!
  6. Get to the careers office in town fella, they'll sort you out and tell you everything you need to know. Last time I was in there it was the middle desk you wanted....

    AFCO Liverpool
    Victoria House
    15 James Street
    L2 7NX
    Tel: 0151 236 1566

    What TAC do you live by? Going into there is good stuff if you want to join the TA but if you want the reg's then I suggest going right to the careers office in town and speaking to a regular rather than wasting the SGT's time in the TA RTT.....

    Seen as though your a fellow theiving robbing bastid may I suggest looking at The Duke of Lancasters Regiment in Infantry. full of Local lads and some lads round our way prefered, what used to be the King's because of it. Totaly up to you though kid, the Army's yours for the taking and theres absolutely shit loads you can do and go for...just get on the bus and hop in the careers office...

    (By the way, when I said look at my regiment, if your a bluenose you can fcuk off ;) )
  7. lol thanks mate. Ill pop down there then, Oh and dont worry im a season ticket holder in the Kop :p
  8. ahhh good man....I used to hold one for Block 224 Anny Road, gave it to my uncle though to "mind".....Only ever sat in the KOP once.

    Yeah just pop down and ask away, thats what they're there for. And don't be thinking you sound like an idiot, How many 16 year olds are expected to know every detail and where they want to go? You'll probrably get asked your interests, anything you'd prefer to do in the Army, your reasons for wanting to join and get shown a few brochures, rates of pay and watch a video....

    Have a good'un...