I need a solicitor with military background please


Can anyone recommend the name of a good solicitor who has army background please??

I've been told that there maybe someone near Brecon who might be able to help me with a Death in Service appeal.

Thanks very much!
Not sure mate, might be tricky - Confidentiality Issues. Give them a call.


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peachey35 said:

Thanks, would they also write on my behalf for copies of medical records from Glasgow do you know??
That's a fairly simple process to do yourself. I had to do it when DVLA "lost" my driving groups entitlement. I don't think you can do it online but you can download the form, fill it in manually and mail it.
PM sent.
I dont think RBL would be able to help with the disclosure of the medical file, but I know they can represent at a tribunal.

Think I would be better off with a military solicitor tbh

Any recommendations please??
Hank they arent my files, I need a copy of my late ex's, I'm not NOK and his family wont release them to me, so go to go the legal route.

Thanks for the PM's and names I'll chase them up!

Cheers :)
You are welcome.

It may be a good idea to give them a ring as well, I have always found them very helpful.

Edited to add : The Moderator of this forum (Judge Dredd) is former military and a Solicitor, possibly you could PM him.

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