I need a SITREP ... ASAP

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by cashbar, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Please can someone ring me asap to update me - I have been off air for 36hrs. Am aware from wondermum of problem with YRF but need to establish bigger picture. Does anyone know what's in the letters she is sending out?



    0207 7463 9211

    07776 205682 (mob)
  2. Think Dozy will call you asap

    Have sent her a text asking her to ring you x
  3. Done.

    Have to get into the office now; will post explanation of events when I get there.

    No-one to call the council; no-one to call Mrs. Cheeks - Athol on the case.
  4. Have let fluff know as he was looking to call them today. text sent to him.
  5. Don't know why was Fluff was going to call when it was my designated task, but hey.
  6. Me either. He asked me to pass you the message asking you to call, but then asked me to send him their number...so maybe he had something else he wanted to check. I dunno, I'm blonde.
  7. Ros has dealt, but now needs to go and find a dark room to lie down in.

    Athol, it's going to need you, this bloody woman has been telling the council she is the offical person, and is being bullied, insulted and harrassed etc.

    I am more concerned however, that Brenda was told some days ago, I believe in advance of cheeks submitting an application, that Peter was the nominee.

    Which makes me very suspicious, but then again,. I'm paranoid like that.
  8. Will athol be giving us an update soon, as she is still mouthing off on her site
  9. Not true. I called and left a few messages on Wednesday 25th stating that I wanted to register Capt Norton as spokesperson, then emailed confirming this message at 1409 (just checked email time-stamp). Brenda called back at around 1500 (from memory) confirming that she'd received my messages and email. It was at this stage that she said that Mrs.Evans (Cheeks) had already called to be spokesperson and gave me her number, per procedure, for us to negotiate.

    For those who don't know what's happened today, as discussed yesterday I got on the 'phone to the council first thing to discuss this with Brenda, but was told that she was on the 'phone. About 10 minutes later, as I was about to try again, the 'phone rang and it was Brenda.

    I'd recognised the number so answered with a cheery "Hello, Ros speaking!" and received in reply "Hello this is Brenda Rogers from the Mole Valley District Council" and without drawing breath she launched into "I've just had a 'phone call from Mrs. Evans who says that she's being hounded and bullied (blah, blah, blah - I don't remember what else was said, but I get the impression she'd been in tears about how hard done by she'd been) and Mrs. Evans WILL be the ONLY person to speak in support!"

    To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement: I was stunned into silence whilst she barked down the 'phone at me, recovering only to say "Ah yes, well that isn't true - we have had problems with Mrs. Evans, but I'm not going to comment any further, I'm going to escalate this to SSAFA and take it from there." She replied "SSAFA are going to be allowed to speak, as the applicant" (well done Trigger! :roll: ) and I said "Yes, I know, but I'm not going to comment any further on Mrs. Evans."

    (Obviously that is paraphrased, but at no time was I offensive about Mrs. Evans nor offensive to Ms. Rogers)

    I said a polite goodbye and got off the 'phone, absolutely steaming. The only people I accept a telling-off from as if I've been a naughty child are my parents - there is no way I'm putting up with receiving a censurous 'phone call from someone paid from the public purse when even a fool knows that there are two sides to every story! I will be writing a letter of complaint to Brenda Rogers' boss (and you know I write a bloody good snotogram!) and my only query is whether to send it before or after the planning meeting - I will take guidance on that from SSAFA / Capt and Mrs. Norton as there is no way I'm going to put a spanner in the works.
  10. PTP, Dozy, etc

    I can update on this - please call me

  11. Just off the 'phone to Athol who is off to do some more ringing around. The latest is thus:

    Athol has spoken with Sue Norton ref her taking Pete's place as the spokesperson. Athol is of the opinion that Mrs. Evans (Cheeks) will give way as spokesperson to Sue, but not Pete. (Let's ignore her logic ref wanting a tri-service rep for the moment... :roll: ) because of her "sideshow" opinion.

    Athol is working on the diplomatic angle with Mrs. Evans and the MVDC, so none of us should make contact with any of them.

    Oh, and I don't know if I'm meant to say that but apparently the official SSAFA term for people like the Cheeks woman is "mentalist" ! 8O :muhaha:

    NB I am happy to act as chauffeur to Sue to get her from Essex to Dorking in plenty of time for the meeting on 1st August - please just let me know if this is required.
  12. Cheeks just posted this......claims she has never made any comment regarding Capt Nortons presence there;
  13. Have just spoken with Sue and this is a go, so I will not be around for leafleting in the morning, but will be around later in the day - time TBC.
  14. She seriously needs the men in the white coats. What a lot of absolute bollox.

    Still, if it gets us to where we need to be, then so what.

    I hope she's withdrawn her efforts to interfere in general too
  15. Renwick has replied:

    surely you mean "withdrawn her efforts to breathe"?