I need a SAT NAV for giving people directions On Foot.


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In my new job as a copper in London, While not my main role,I have now become an absolute magnet for every person who needs directions.....the flaw in that plan is im working in an area that I have no bloody idea where things are. ( dont live in London )

The apps on the smartphones are good, but burn through battery power and I really do not want to carry my own smartphone about.

Im looking for a bog basic gps unit that I can essentially carry around on its own battery to turn on and give directions when needed....and not be too annoyed if it gets trashed on patrol.The old fashioned collins a-z is no longer able to answer the questions on how to get a plane to the moon or travel across London.


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It's called a map
Buy and A - Z stick it in your back pocket and pull it out when needed.
People have been getting by with them for years.

An old copper will be along in a minute to tell you that you should know your beat and everyone on it like the back of your hand.


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Just tell them to **** off.

"I'm here to bust crims and keep law and order, I'm not tourist ******* information. Do one back to Japan."

London needs more grumpy coppers.


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Just do what the rest do. Chuck in a few "left at the lights, straight down to the roundabout and turn right. then 3rd left after the King George pub".

They'll get lost and think they missed something whilst thinking you're amazing.


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Explain to German tourists you knew the way before their grandads redevloped it in 1940
I want a cheap, reliable Satnav to fix on my mobility scooter as I wibble my way around "Arsdas" supermarket aisles! Perhaps I should go to Halfords?

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