I need a running buddy. Swindon

Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to run with so that i can push myself harder than I am currently doing so. I want to get my 1.5 down to 08:30. if you are keen let me know. Many thanks.
You don't need a running buddy - just set up your route between Park North and Park South, and carry an expensive iPod!
Have a look to see if they do a "Park run" near you. Usually on a Saturday morning about 9am for about 5km. I've done it a couple of times now where I live (not near you) but it pushes me because I hate the thought of having my 30 something ass whipped like a bitch, by a 13 year old girl who doesn't feel the need to break in to a sweat. (Has happened several times before).

I'm sure they're quite well spread around the country and free to join. You don't have to go every week - just when you feel like it.

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