I need a pocket!

Morning All,

Has anyone got an old SAS smock I can have, or to be even more precise I need a pocket!

Strange story: I was fast akip on a coach on the way back from the ranges and some cunning bastard removed my pocket with such precision I questioned whether there was ever a pocket there in the first place!

I love my smock, I very rarely wear it these days but in summer it is invaluable and I would like to wear it again without the ever present threat of someone asking "where the **** is your pocket" I often forget that the pocket is gone and drop my fags/lighter on a regular basis.

I’m not in the SAS, I’m not special in any way, I dont know the colour of the boathouse, I’m not a Walt and I just have a smock. So, if there is a kind soul out there has been affected by my story and would like to send me a pocket or an old, knackered smock then please get in touch.

Condition is not important, in fact the older the better as my lovely old smock isn’t in great condition. I dont want to use one from a 95 jacket as its different material and would just look weird!

Thank you,



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Send it to HM Supplies in Aldershot and they will stick a new pocket on for you.

The Chinese refer to bosses as 'big pockets' in the same way we say 'big cheese'. The pocket in question being a scrotum. I looked at this thread because I thought it must be some reference to that and Chinese humour.

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