I need a pie recipe.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by noliveroundsemptycasespr, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Fellow arrsers i need a decent pie recipe,meat and potatoe preferably.I'm stuck here in Das vaterland and would appreciate any help.Mrs NLRECPR(German),has nearly cracked it what we need is the final polish!! :clap: :chef: :D
  2. Try Googling "Meat pie"
  3. Illegal to discriminate between pies in my household, all fillings and pastries gladly accepted. No salad please!
  4. How about a Cornish Pasty recipe :D
  5. Bloody Hell man - she's into cannibalism? 8O I know that the Germans and the Polish have history, but to make one into a pie is a bit much! :D

  6. LMFAO... :D :D
  7. Thanks Bonzo mate greatly appreciated.Have been sat in the garden in my slit trench for the last hour awaiting incoming.By the way Dozy,Polish t don't make good pies because they always taste as if they've been marinaded in vodka!! :clap: :judge:
  8. Whats wrong with that? EverythingI cook is marinated in vodka always seems to taste pretty good to me. :?

    Having said that I tend to be pretty well marinated in vodka before I start cooking maybe theres a link there...
  9. Oh for a GOOD British Pie.
    Many here have tried, the UN Irish Pub cumming off as best and strangely a Thai chinese Shop in second place.
    How I a Lancashire born lad lust for a real Meat and Prater, let alone a Steak & Kidney.
    Mill towns taught us about real working class food.