I need a new clutch in Bournemouth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rgjbloke, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. I live in West London but went down to Bournemouth this week to visit my son who is at University there. I was going to drive his car down to the seafront but found his clutch is showing serious wear and is most likely going to cease working in the next week or two.

    Can any Arrsers who may be more familiar with the town recommend a good clutch suppier and installer in Bournemouth where I can send him to get it replaced.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. How old is the car? With my vast experience I would expect a modern day car, using todays modern up to date technology, to have the clutch last as long as the engine and gearbox.
    Unless your son has been using the clutch, as a handbrake.
    If the car is an old banger, get it scrapped, and buy another old banger with 12 months MOT. I've been there and done that,if it breaks down, so what! Free young and single, it was the best time of our lifes.
    Then suddenley I had a wife and kids to look after, so I splashed out on a Volvo.
  3. It's a W reg and it's in fairly good nick. We paid a fair bit of money when we brought it a couple of years ago and it's definately worth the cost of a clutch to keep it going. He travels from Bournemouth back to London now and again so he needs a reliable motor and this one apart from the clutch has so far been a good un.
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  4. Phone call from my student son last night. The clutch has finally failed so I'm off to Bournemouth tomorrow to sort out getting it fixed. I have an agenda for going there rather than just ringing garages to get it sorted. I recently discovered an old army mate lives there who I haven't seen since the mid 70's so I'm going to look him up for a beer tomorrow night and stop at my son's place. Anybody know any decent clutch repair centres in Bournemouth that I can get onto when I arrive there in the morning?
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  5. I know a very good mechanic that should be able to help you out, and he will go and work where the car is. He fixed my car recently and very cheaply too. I'll pm you the details once I can find them!!

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