I need a new Bos medal

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PrinceAlbert, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. I've managed to snap the bar off my Bosnia medal, the bit that says "Former Yugoslavia"

    I have seen a few replacements on various websites, does anyone have any experience of buying these? I know they're 10 a penny, and there are even some on Egay, but as pants a bit of metal it is, I'd still like it to look good next to it's twin.....the Kosovo one, and the others also.

    So...any advice would be handy.

    In fact, if anyone had a bukshee one they'd sell let me know.

  2. Loads of non art 5 in Glasgow for sale.
  3. Shhhhplendid! I live in London :)

    What's non art 5?
  4. if only youd done this 18 months ago! I had a box full of bits of NATO gongs, ribbons and clasps that had fallen apart or hadnt been presented to people for one reason or another.
    E-bay is probably your best bet, its full of clerks who robbed a handful of them from the box when they were on tour.
  5. That ribbon's neither the Bos, or Kos one. Looks gash, no bar either.
  6. not what you are after.
  7. Ok thanks.

    You mean your time-machine is still VOR??? Oh well, Ebay it is then. Thanks.
  8. What you want:

    NATO medal with ribbon and clasp for Former Yugoslavia


    What you dont want:

    NATO Medal with Non-Article 5 ribbon and clasp


    If you wear a Non-Article 5 medal then you cannot wear either the Bosnia, Kosovo nor Macedonia medals with it.

    Time machine is scrapped, cheap NAAFI crap!
  9. Why would anyone buy that non art 5 stuff? It's arrse. Doesn't even look the same.
  10. Its a kind of pan-Balkan medal, which started being issued, but the caveat is that you cant wear it with any of the other NATO Balkan medals.
  11. Oh. Fcuk that then. Thanks for the info.
  12. You can buy just the bar from mess dress, they are about £2.
  13. Really?? Happy days. I was sending my medals there to get remounted anyway!
  14. The back of my Bos bar broke the night before a parade, so I superglued the bar to the ribbon-no one noticed and when I had my rack redone a year later the mounter put my bar back on the ribbon with superglue again. I am due another gong with attendant remounting soon so it will probably get glued on a third time unless the tailor has a spare bar.