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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 14, 2004.

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  1. Is Canadian Ernst Zundel a taboo topic on this forum?

  2. Yes

    End of discussion :D
  3. Appreciate if one of my topics is removed that I receive a notice, thanks. So I take it any discussion about the phony "Holocaust" is taboo n'est pas?
  4. About a valid a subject as whether the Earth is hollow, with lots of little green men living inside, with a giant hole at the North Pole. (Which is naturally hidden by an unholy alliance of NASA, the Tripartite commission and Mossad). Next time you go to the sh*thouse, take a history book instead of a thrap-mag. :roll:
  5. the pitfalls of an american education 8O
  6. General Quarters

    Really , listen carefully. Don't try clever use of words to promote this individuals' website or , his revisionist rhetoric on this website.

    Does that make our position clear?
  7. Obviously Brits are free to sh*t but not to speak. Thought crime it seems is a close second on the Crown's list of no nos too. :roll: Eric Blair; takes one to know one.[​IMG]

  8. It's got bugger all to do with thoughtcrime (incidently, have you actually read 1984, or do all the big words confuse you?).

    It's got everything to do with the absurdity of attempting to deny the murders of six million innocent Jews, and countless millions of others, all sacrificed on the Nazi altar of racial purity.

    It's the thing both my grandfathers fought against, and which we still struggle against all over the world. The last thing we need is ignorant, blinkered and bigoted morons doing their very best to ressurect those ideas here.

    I highly recommend a visit to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C., I nearly lost my lunch, and I'd spent the previous month fishing bullets out of drug dealers. I came out sobered and revolted in equal measure, what the orthodox Jews I saw visiting thought, I shudder to think. If your budget doesn't run to that, I recommend the book "Smoke and Ashes", or the diaries of the Oxford medical students sent to treat the survivors of Bergen Belsin. Try denying it after all that, I dare you.

    Either that, or b*gger off back to Nuremburg, and discuss your theories with those of a similar mind, but either way, stop polluting this forum with your poisonous trash.

    And no, I don't disagree with your right to an opinion, but do please try to make it an informed one. Predjudice does mean "to judge before", and I suggest you need some more facts, not right-wing racist opinions, before you can really judge.
  9. Ohh let him have a rant with piers gone we need fresh meat for the grinder :lol:

    P .S. Why do people think the holocaust was faked or are they just stupid nazi lovers
  10. No, seriously GQ, you will not get luck on this forum with your views. May I suggest you try posting on this site?


    If you post in "jetblast", or "rumours and News" you should find them qa little more receptive to your views.