I need a map showing all units in the uk!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by cdogunner, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. cdogunner

    cdogunner Clanker

    or as near as dammit!
    I need to book transit accom for various weekends for national sport comps and i need to find the nearest camps to the civvie venues where the events are being held.
    the mil telephone system needs names of camps so i cant use them.


    Also anyone know any army/RAF units in sussex?
  2. ArseyMO

    ArseyMO Old-Salt

    Which bit of Sussex?, 47 Regt RA, West Sussex. There is a map on the Land Web through the intranet.
  3. Arpie

    Arpie Old-Salt

    " I need a map showing all units in the uk!"

    So does the nme !!

    A bit classified, I would have thought.
  4. actionman

    actionman Crow

    This person could be a journo or terrorist say nothing chaps

  5. And youre a lobotomised fuckwit with the abilities of a fuckwit that appears to have been lobotomised.
  6. browny31310

    browny31310 War Hero

  7. cdogunner

    cdogunner Clanker

    any whys that then? the PUBLIC! army website site gives you locations of major units!!!
    I obviously meant i needed info off the web in the public domain if anyone knew its location.
    Oh and LFH you are obviously a utter twat to throw insults like that around
    get a life.

  8. Check actionmans other posts you tubestick.
  9. cdogunner

    cdogunner Clanker

    thanks mate, will speak to them tommorow.
  10. cdogunner

    cdogunner Clanker

    Sorry thought you were reffering to me!


  11. No. Thats why I put actionmans post in quote and not yours.

    You are forgiven my son.....
  12. If you are serving surely this can be procured by your QM's.

    I imagine at most it will take between 8-10 years and by that time you'll be out and won't be bothered anymore. Thus saving any hard work.

    Hope this helps
  13. cdogunner

    cdogunner Clanker

    Ha ha! it is a nightmare - but theres only 2 comps on the calender i don't have a contact for where to stay, so now i know 47 RA is close it should be fine.
    thanks for the advice.
  14. These people should be able to HELP