I need a logo designing

if you have access to the internet-

99 designs or whatever,

if you want a crayon'd doodle of a willy ask on arrse ?
Yeah if you want to be spammed to bollocks for the rest of time try a free logo design site. About £20-£30 including domain name / letterheads etc.
ARRSE hasn’t exactly got a good record when it comes to logos and copyright.


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This bloke has done a couple of free logos. Here's his site.

Logo Design
PM me and I'll see what I can do.
Fat Driver - when you've got your logo designed, post it here and see if we can guess what the **** it is you do.

A good logo needs to bear absolutely no connection to whatever the organisation it is connected to does. As may be witnessed on most corporate logos these days.

May I even be so bold as to suggest a name for your venture. Crapaturd. Which, of course, is inspired in no way by Crapita.
I need a graphic designer person to do me a logo that won't cost a fortune.
Why not tell us what your logo is for (baking muffins, food retail, rent boys etc).

Let the combined artistic genius of ARRSE (obviously I jest) design it for you.


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Deviantart.com is a good place to find cheap work.. I've also got someone I use who's excellent. I paid them £45 for about two weeks worth of work for an outstanding logo for my holiday let.
What a load of hot air. Just steal somebody else's logo that more or less fits the bill, add a little flourish and off you go.

Hard work done for free & job done. That'll be £500 please, invoice to follow.

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