I am recently new to this site and to honest not really sure why I am posting this, maybe just to get some issues off my chest. I have served 21.5 years (Jnr Ldr) and am shortly coming to my last 2 years. I have been offered my 5 years continuance, but soon to turn it down. Throughout my career I have always asked for Germany/Overseas and to date have always remained in England. I am due to be posted at the end of the year and have asked what are the possibilities of getting an Overseas/Germany assignment as a change for my family, I needed an answer along the lines of yes or no to overseas (not where or when) as my wife has been offered a very good job in wales and we had also identified a perfect property for us to purchase. If I had been told yes to overseas we may have prolonged buying a property and put off her job for us to experience an overseas tour as a family. As expected their were no answers forthcoming so we have accepted the job and bought the house. I have now changed my PPP to anywhere near Wales but have been told its all full until 2009 and to find my own job by my SPS Branch (don't ask I am still loyal). Also before the funnies start no I am not a welfare/admin case who needs to be moved just because I don't like a unit, I have served with the Field Force for the whole of my career have straight AYs and reccomendation for commission, so if anyone knows of a job going for a WO2 AGC (SPS) in Wales or close to it would be appreciated.
First of all, take a step backwards.
You say you only have two years(ish) left before you get out and have just purchased a property and got your family settled.
Your last two years should be for you sorting yourself out before civvy street. Take it from me and lots of others here that your final two years goes like a flash.
Have you started your resettlement process yet?
Resettlement courses take time and depending on when you are getting out your final year could result in you only being at work for 5 months or less with just a top table (if you want) and final clearance.
Plus I take it that you will be looking for employment for when you leave.
My advice would be just to stay in the UK as you can always commute.
Wow, Thanks for the quick response's I take it none of you work in Glasgow!!
I am looking to do my last 2 years in Wales or somewhere very close because we have made the decision now is the time to leave. I believe I can start resettlement at my 2 year point which is Apr 08 so have not looked into that side of life just yet. I am concerned that when it starts I will be put on a guilt trip as to why I need so much time off to sort my life out, have seen it to many times with others.
I have tried 160 Bde, they where the ones that told my SPS branch there was nothing until 2009, unless you know different?
Ewan, don't wait until Apr to start sorting it all out. Start now because, realistically, you are already running out of time.

Why have you decided to bin the five year extension? Have you thought about how much those years are worth in real money. If you can honestly earn that sort of money in civvie street over the next five years then that's all well but if not then think again.
When you have two young boys that need a stable school and have had enough of the separation, trust me money doesn't come into it now I would rather have quality time with my family before its to late, but I will now start looking at my resettlement, thanks for the advice. Does it really take that much time?

Fully understand the family thing but its that family that you need to provide for so it's all linked in really. It's also down to the type of lifestyle you want post Army.

Does it really take that much time? Yes of course it does.

What do you want to do when you leave? Think of it like this. If you're around your late 30s/early 40s then you have at least another 25 years to push before you retire unless of course you manage to do it earlier. Even with your pension you will need to pull in a decent wage to cover all the bits that you may have taken for granted over the past 22 years.

What is it you fancy doing?
:lol: Stay in you have been told why by others, have a look at becoming a barrack inventory person, you get a second pension doing work on married quarters and can get posted overseas, or you could apply to be a diplomatic courier, very good job,or embassy guard all found including accom, look into it all :lol:they even do boarding school fees paid :lol:
Have you tried TA units? A lot of the RAOWO posts have gone NRPS (although I suppose that will change to VEng going forward) but you might get lucky.
I have just PM'd you.

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