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I need a jacket that fits!!

At present I look like a small child playing dress-up in her dads clothing as my combat jacket is way way too big.

My clothing storeman has told m that this (160/88) is as small as the Army goes. Is this really true?? I'm not the smallest person in the world and I've never noticed shorter/skinnier people to be swamped in DPM marquees.

How large do cadet sizes go?
Have you seen the average 14 year old cadet recently? I think you will find that you can't get proper issue jackets any smaller than that. It doesn't have to look that bad if you make use of the various adjustments and drawstring thingies. Anyway it's not meant to be fashion..... :)
You appear to have a problem over your gender. In your first post you said "At present I look like a small child playing dress-up in HER dads clothing" . But now, "I just don't like walking around looking like a cadet in HIS dads kit"
Ok now we've established you're a girl and you must be petite as your jacket's too big... you can feel free to PM me or post some pictures!! :D
once upon a time Silvermans used to stock "Gurkha" jackets claiming they were for, ahem, Gurkhas. These were small and many cadets (myself included) got them as they were the only ones that would fit.

Had a quick look on thier overpriced web site and it doesn't look if they sell them anymore si fat lot of use that trip down memory lane was
Loubella should not worry about the kit being too big, as I recall, in no time at all, it will most probably be too small. Not in height though.
It was a well known fact that the rank of a WRAC was directly proportional to the size of their arrse.

Sorry, I know. This isn't the NAAFI - knuckle rapping accepted. Couldn't resist it though - probably my age!!
Yes thanks for that useful tip, however having just finished the cycle of calving, losing the weight ,calving , losing the weight I am now back to the original size and shape I was when I joined up in 96.
I've done the bergen arse thing and moved on.
Funny though I don't remember the old style combats being this huge.
It must be awful being in a regiment without a tailor.
If the QM cannot issue you any smaller then you cannot be picked up for the way you look (yeah roite) in which case it is just personal pride effecting your desire to acquire a smaller jacket. If this is true there is at least one good tailor in every area (probably) so spend a bit of money and get the job done to your specifications with an option for removable darts when the pies cannot be resisted. Mmmmmmmmmm pies got to go
I sort of know what you mean about combat jackets. I've never worked in a clothing store so I am no expert, but I recall some very petite girlies and their combats jackets seemed to fit very nicely, but the trousers always seemed far too long. Then again, our blokes ones were too long aswell, combat trousers that is! LOL
The smallest trousers (L/W) size now is 66/68/74.
Smock 160/88 really is too large for person who can wear these trousers.

Some times ago (before CS95, but when instead of "Size 1" already wrote "160/88"), I saw jerseys size 80, weatherproof jackets size 90/170.
loubella said:
Funny though I don't remember the old style combats being this huge.
True, I bought some '95 combats recently to replace my reserve kit, which I'd sold to an airsofter at work, and was very surprised to see that my usual size (180/96) was far too big for me.

I had a sudden flashback to 'The Incredible Shrinking Man'

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