i need a clerk to set me straight about pay whilst in canada

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jonesy279, May 25, 2009.

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  1. howdy, can any of you help.
    the old man got sent to canada for 7 months. the army clerks tell me that even though on his assignment order it says temporary staff, i dont get any benefits of him being away like i would if he was in iraq or afghan.
    the RAF clerks however tell me that this is rubbish as it is still a tour and i should get the same as if he was in iraq or afghan. thats the first thing.
    the second thing is his pay. now i know he is meant to get LSA from the day he is out there (which kicks in after 10 days and then gets back dated),
    but what happens to his LOA. how i understand it is that he should get the singley rate for over there and 81% of his LOA he would get if he was still in cyprus with us. is this right???? or am i just living on a pipe dream???
    the payoffice over there have not put in the LSA for the 14 days for april, and they have only given him the LOA rate as singley out there, no residual LOA. they reckon that they can pay him over the counter, is this also correct???? as i really dont want it being put down as AR payments and then find it all being taken out each month from his wages.

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  4. Check your pm's Jonesy.

  5. Sorry to butt in I have a Question, Im going out as permennant staff in May as the flights keep getting delayed (Canada) , my unit is in Episkopi Cyprus, how does the LOA/LSA work, as far as i know LSA is the same old S.O.P 10 days etc as far as Im aware, Also if you could tell me the daily rates if you know, im currently on 16 something a day for LSA, Thanks , just need to see when the next band is, cheers
  6. I have a few questions about TDS (Temp Duty Staff) and their allowences while in BATUS. According to JSP 752 CH 5 Section 1 para 12 (b) LSA stops from :
    Take out all the cr*p and you end up with

    As my LSA stops for any leave taken in Canada does this mean I am expected to make it to my permanent residence (currently BFG) on one day bank holidays, or is the pay office taking the letter of the law too seriously??